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  1. lmao what regulars? u talking about foe discord2? we are your only regulars. edit: sry forgot to change my text color to stand out
  2. Yikes Follow me btw https://twitter.com/REIGN_O_TWlTTER/status/1105692598616969219
  3. How are you going to say "borzor took it upon himself" and then say "FOE DID IT" down the line when it suits you..? LMFAO Now supposedly foe is aligned with some anti-rot alliance. Oh, boy. 🤣😂 So you're telling me there are people that are in a pure clan and a main clan?? Whaat?? In 2019??!! No way!! I've never heard such a terrible beta male excuse lmfao. You losers must be pretty bored getting destroyed and losing all dmm tournys and decided to move down 2 brackets and continue losing. Quote me if I struck a nerve.
  4. I thought you said you weren't reopening?
  5. Didn't you scam someone for 7 mcflurries?
  6. 😂😂🤣🤣 Don't forget to subscribe.
  7. Old Massacre was T-47. Not sure what they're using this time around if there is a clan already using the cape. Maybe your head is still shook idk
  8. Aren't you that gay guy we picked on a lot lol?
  9. Imagine thinking these lilguy xlpc clanners could beat mighty gooper.
  10. Ignore Purp.. he's new to all this stuff.
  11. shut up pussy nobody takes you and your xlpc srsly
  12. calm down jojo mayer man you're obsessed w/ me and a super ez reel lmao
  13. it's full of replies that are nothing but laughter at you and your dog shit clan.
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