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  1. Custom clients are run solely on trust, so i'd definitely say it's a big deal. Slandering Winnetous name & his work on his target audiences platform without any sort of proof or repercussions whatsoever is disgusting. Mind you he is not only claiming he was hacked by Winnetou but that he's heard of people getting hacked "plenty of times" with, again, no proof:
  2. Oh yes surely some solid points you made right there a block of text and a screenshot of an out of context conversation Don't make accusations like this without any sort of proof, I haven't heard of any Exilent users getting hacked other than you. No 2fa, no bank pin, probably no 2fa on your email either. A 2010 username isn't safer than having an email login, you say you haven't used that username anywhere else but I think we both know that's a lie. Your online security is obviously lacking and for some reason you're putting the blame on Winnetou because of this? Delete this topic you are seriously just embarassing yourself
  3. lol i participated in closing ur clan 6 times and still killing them to this day please be quiet. zenith was and will always remain a punching bag for everyone in the scene
  4. didnt ask this is 7 years ago ur clan couldnt muster 1/4 of this pull today with signups also wtf is clan phoenix lmao dumb victim
  5. It's been about closing the clan you're rivaling since the dawn of time, and ragging & 1 iteming isn't that big of a problem in the pure scene as opposed to the main scene. I wouldn't consider these an issue, moreso the main clans' involvement in the crash war. And if enemy clans wanted a 'breath of fresh air' they could always go to CWA to duke it out, but it's become a more and more common tactic to avoid such fights because said clans are afraid of a setback. Mind you these guys in charge of setting fights like those up are in their late 20s and scared how their online Runescape persona will look like if they lose
  6. LMAO how tf u gonna declare a 10v10 whats funnier is that zenith will avoid
  7. u have to be a special kind of retarded to get banned from sb in the first place
  8. completely fucked this is the only way to get attention lmfao (voted no btw)
  9. Hard to know because no one is actually doing any sort of P2P CWA. New people aren't even given the chance to participate in P2P, so obviously they're not going to ruin their accounts. If leaders, hell even members would take the initiative to host inners, mini other clans, do 2v2s/3v3s or maybe even go brid each other, they'd at least get a whiff of what it's like. This is what Fatality has done with great success and I'm sure a lot of people actually decided to join because of just that. Remember 2020? Fatality's CWA performance was mediocre at best, but I wholeheartedly believe Fatality is #1 P2P CWA now after a lot of hard work. FOE/Apex were #1 and #2, but their P2P CWA participation completely vanished. Now they're both in the hardest slump I've ever seen them in as a result. And honestly I don't even think 25 defence is the problem, it's the overtuned weapons Kodai/Ballista/ACB/Elder etc + cheat clients/AHK - at least Jagex is on the right path to fix this issue with their new ToS + updates to their UI with RuneLite inspired plugins. It's actually hilarious how Jagex has done more updates on the sand casino than CWA - they've had a singles combat option since the release that doesn't even work As for the mains issue, an active CWA scene would at least spark some light into this graveyard of a scene with clean competition that isn't filled to the brim with fake propaganda and main abuse. This could be fixed by either Jagex adding more options to CWA or by initiative from clans. also ban infinity boots from cwa
  10. So your solution is to pray for change? Lol I don't have a solution either, but let me just say the time period you're describing is vastly different. The problem back then was pure clans bringing mains. This time it's different, as certain pure clans are in alliances with main clans. Those pure clans are acting as minions to their main clan overlords, funneling their members into said mains clans, or making them go inactive as they cba participating in an arrangement like this. <- THIS leaves their remaining members bringing mains, it's NOT the other way around. Yes, mains have and will always be part of pure clanning, but this crashwar cycle seems to have no end. And those pure clans are so deep in it they can't pull out. For whatever reason, it seems some of those clans are kept alive by weekend trips (and midweeks, but they don't prove much in terms of a clans performance imo), as they refuse to do both P2P preps and F2P preps. Nowadays there's barely even any minis going on. If you actively log on every weekend to support your clan, kudos to you. But you can't seriously be telling me you're having a great time in this scene.
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