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  1. is there a medal for forcing foe into the brink of closure?
  2. > take the loss holy fuck retards l0000000000l
  3. because fatality have not been beaten in a p2p prep since september/october or something along those lines either way can u find the exact page of the encyclopedia of clan wars where it says 25v25 is automatically transformed into a prep? btw...
  4. Reminder: FO is the ONLY clan to win a "Most likely to fail irl" award, EVER!image.png.66ba34db2981cb054fb50ee14bc30520.png

  5. fo pulled 8 to a scheduled p2p big mini last night 🤣

  6. this zenith don't even fight pures fo is basically a med clan and wheres the wcotm for dec? either way, gz ly nice pulls this month
  7. lmao @Proccyhas officially lost it! looks like @orgasmstook his spot in rambling random emotional nonsense on 3rd party runescape fansite forum ty for bumps!
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