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  1. drewz

    Yawnz Gallery

    big up for my boy yawnz
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  3. drewz

    Top 5 Clans Of All Time [Has Foe Slipped?]

    You seem to be oblivious to the fact FOE dominated the scene a while ago, and have until recent times had consistent pulls. EOP used to bow down to Fatality few years back as well. Sure EOP has been dominating for a some time now, doesn't make them the 2nd greatest clan of all time over a ~12 year span lmao. They've also closed their doors before because of inconsistent leadership. Would still put FOE as second and maybe a tied 3rd between EOP/FI
  4. drewz

    big k short brideo

    fake and potato masher
  5. drewz

    all competition dead

    rsps pking vids in 2017 smh
  6. drewz

    A Very Confused MOTM

  7. drewz

    Dear TLP,

  8. drewz

    state of apex/rd/bw

    be happy i was retired back then cus ur clan would be ded x99
  9. drewz

    state of apex/rd/bw

    sorry if i hurt your feelings big man iobsession i know this game is literally your life lmfao socially awkward tomato who can't even speak properly on a microphone online
  10. drewz

    state of apex/rd/bw

    isnt severance the clan who had a leader hacking his own members ?