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  1. Kenan the Kel

    Open 3 weeks

    I just think everyone enjoys bullying CD for free wins and rune platebodys
  2. Kenan the Kel

    friendly F2P | Sunday

    CT junior clan
  3. Kenan the Kel

    Hows that for some damage? #CD

    Yeah CD still as bad as they were 3 years ago Bullied to 1 item
  4. Kenan the Kel

    1750 World

    U guys are free loot and maces
  5. Kenan the Kel

    Not again jaja!

    Thanks cool awesome sweet rad epic badass heckin amazing wonderful good job easy wow
  6. Kenan the Kel

    announcement Removal of blast furnace & new discord rules

    I'm gonna report everyone
  7. Kenan the Kel

    Imagine using rot meds as an excuse

    Not even vanguard needed help to clear sv I doubt anyone else does Also no1 cares
  8. Kenan the Kel

    The End

    Ok? Who is paragon
  9. Kenan the Kel

    can Apex stop hiding from fo please lmfa0

    Does pepsis still cry on mic like a manchild like he did in 2011
  10. Kenan the Kel

    Day 1: u r alrdy avoiding lmfao

    Chinaman vs rot 2019
  11. Kenan the Kel

    #Prestige| 110+ | Warring Clan

    Gl Main scene needs some cwa
  12. Kenan the Kel

    LPC Prep Team - Sloth Empire

    Pure cwa teams never work out but goodluck