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  1. Kenan the Kel

    Dear Pure community - A message from Critical Damage

    typical cd fashion lose a rivalry use mains
  2. Kenan the Kel

    SV Fending for themselves [Part 1]

    Why does he sound like that
  3. Kenan the Kel

    Dear CD #2

    Pure scene died years ago
  4. Kenan the Kel

    cwa Vengeance vs Cutthroat (1-2) Multispells CWA

    Weird flex
  5. Kenan the Kel

    pkri Cutthroat Destroys FOUR Clans At Once

    Ct cant even handle one clan let alone four
  6. Kenan the Kel

    Dear CD

    Cd probably worst clan to ever open on RS Pls bring rot n sv I want to kill them more than I already do
  7. . We attempted to get some clusters in hope of getting teamed on but no clans gained the courage to fight back Trips would be alot better if everyone wasn't a pussy Gz
  8. Kenan the Kel

    CP SAM vs CD TBR

    Idk what legacy is but CD is bad
  9. Kenan the Kel

    Legacy - How dumb can you be?

    I rag u with mains every weekend and u do nothing
  10. Kenan the Kel

    pkri Cutthroat Takes A Massive Dump On SV

    Dang battling for a spot on rots lap impressive Grats
  11. Kenan the Kel

    Open 3 weeks

    I just think everyone enjoys bullying CD for free wins and rune platebodys
  12. Kenan the Kel

    friendly F2P | Sunday

    CT junior clan
  13. Kenan the Kel

    Hows that for some damage? #CD

    Yeah CD still as bad as they were 3 years ago Bullied to 1 item
  14. Kenan the Kel

    1750 World

    U guys are free loot and maces