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  1. Kenan the Kel

    Main community in-game suggestions

    Remove torags and Crystal shield from the game so I can yeet ppl with my ags easier
  2. Hey maybe if you didn't have rwt and private server ads this would've never been a problem
  3. Kenan the Kel

    cwa Apex vs Cutthroat | FT50 P2P Event 2-1 | Nov 2nd 2018

    big yikes for CT they've fallin quite far in the last year
  4. Kenan the Kel

    Single spells Renegades vs Playdead

    Holy diddly doo
  5. Renegades is probably alot more welcoming just based on the fact they aren't in any crashwar and everyone likes them
  6. Pure clanners have low iq while main clanners are 500+
  7. Kenan the Kel

    Saturday FT Revenant Ended 2x

    goodjob team
  8. Kenan the Kel

    Friday: Small Man Sweep

    W0w big ownage!!
  9. Kenan the Kel

    Friday: ~Uncontested PK~

    Wooo goodjob team heck yes
  10. Kenan the Kel

    Thursday: Bullying sv/rev

  11. Kenan the Kel

    Renegades Thursday FEAST

  12. god i hate u dumb idiot pures

    1. Lionel


      cuz u never fitted in, high school all over=(

    2. Kenan the Kel
    3. sm3lls


      god i hate dumb idiot SVers

  13. Kenan the Kel

    midweek Turmoil's First Midweek

    goodjob on leaving SV tho pure clans are smelly and bad just reopen elite zerks gz
  14. Kenan the Kel

    Wednesday Ending SV/DK

    dont think ive seen a worse version of sv than this one and theres been plenty of them grats
  15. Kenan the Kel

    Main quality vs pure quality

    Both would win in their respective scene (probably) but Imo main clanners overall are better quality