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  1. Kenan the Kel

    Who recruited you to your first pure clan?

    Mack recruited me to havoc in 2011 not sure where he is these days
  2. Kenan the Kel

    Wilderness Clan Of The Month(Winner) - January

    Why is this still a thing
  3. Kenan the Kel

    Do main clans have good quality?

    Depends main clans have shitters just like pure clans but shitters don't usually make it in a top main clan and usually have to stick to shit like dk or CT while the biggest shitters in pure planning can easily make it in any clan and even get a rank
  4. Reminds me of when a 15 year old abyss got catfished by a 25 year old christy and made him quit ct
  5. Pures are dumb and stupid

  6. Kenan the Kel

    showcase Recent work

    Havent heard of any of these clans
  7. Kenan the Kel

    pure account Deleted

    Thank you
  8. Pure clans suk only med clan is vengeance and resurgence
  9. Kenan the Kel

    Main community in-game suggestions

    Remove torags and Crystal shield from the game so I can yeet ppl with my ags easier
  10. Hey maybe if you didn't have rwt and private server ads this would've never been a problem
  11. Kenan the Kel

    cwa Apex vs Cutthroat | FT50 P2P Event 2-1 | Nov 2nd 2018

    big yikes for CT they've fallin quite far in the last year
  12. Kenan the Kel

    Single spells Renegades vs Playdead

    Holy diddly doo
  13. Renegades is probably alot more welcoming just based on the fact they aren't in any crashwar and everyone likes them
  14. Pure clanners have low iq while main clanners are 500+