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  1. Saucey

    i cant help it

    no chinaman no fs
  2. IMT+SKO Keep piping up and we will come kill you for fun. Rage doesn’t off retards 

  3. Want to PK on weekends and not be bullied into clan wars? Apply to Rage today and use me as referral 🐻 

  4. Saucey

    weekend [R]age Sunday l "This is pretty easy, but pretty fun."

    Wow ez for big bears
  5. Saucey

    weekend SKO Saturday Feast

    Why is this in the wilderness section????????
  6. SKO and IMT closed and are now a clan wars team. Was too easy

  7. Saucey

    weekend SKO Saturday Feast

  8. Saucey

    IMT and SKO having a chat.

    Ez for 🐻
  9. Not to late to join Rage the #1 XLPC

  10. Become 🐻 today, use me as referral. Intros are open, abandon your sinking ship now. 

    1. 'Jamie


      use code Saucey in the fortnite item shop so we can support our clan with leaks, ty

    2. ╲⎝⧹NL_Ronald⧸⎠╱ส็็็็็็็็็็