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  1. The sad thing is Fudog, you actually think your topics are doing something, when in fact all they are is just proving to the community how much of a joke you really are.
  2. You’re obsessed with this game dude it’s cringe af.
  3. Gz sharks, couldn’t attend but hopefully next time
  4. Is sup even open...? We pulled more on a midweek than your weekend trip. Holy fucking yikes
  5. Rage caves for 5+ hours today, other clans you have our permission to go out now. 

  6. Hate us cus they anus LOL. Low tier clans go out on weekends only, their leaders ban them from doing midweeks knowing bears can mass up at anytime.
  7. !loc shitpremecy topic, y’all taking forever trying to make edits for propaganda wins LOLOL. Rat ass clan, bring your +1s tomorrow pls i want loots

  8. 3AT time to pull the ole “focus on rl” post and close. The malls need more enforcing 

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    2. roflcats


      not to mention your jobless current rank team who closed last time to focus rl l0l0

    3. Saucey


      @roflcatsr u ok rage my only clen, u sound mad it’s ok just u can sit on my lap bby

    4. roflcats


      rage is not your only clan lmao, and rage also closed and on the closing topics your current ranks said they had to focus irl???


      if you are looking at a clan full of quitters, rage is the clan you are looking at l0l

  9. Holy shit just close already shitpremecy, your one trip you have a week is a failure 😂
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