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  1. Saucey

    Legacy so innocent right?

    Cringe af taking it out of the game
  2. Saucey

    cwa 40 Rage Vs Critical Damage | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Gz rage gz me for sitting
  3. Saucey

    Dear CD #2

    Hell yes gonna be fun
  4. Saucey

    pkri Summer of Sovereign Ft CT, Trannies, Rev, VR

    Reqs for sv?
  5. Saucey

    Legacy - The Garbage of the pure community

    It’s disgusting tbh, CD actually giving good clean pure action and these idiots over at legashit can’t compete. Dogshit quality, your prep records show. Can’t even remember last time you won a f2p prep lmfaooo.
  6. Looked ez 4 CD. Shit ass legacy main clan
  7. LY gonna get smoked ima praise the god @kinse for the winse
  8. Saucey

    weekend 70 Legacy Spartan's Murder CD Ft Rage

    I know i struck a nerve with you because I got like 5 notifications. But lets try to keep up, im not CD LOL fking reject
  9. !seen LY prep win


    awkward ass clan can’t compete without mains

    1. Blue




      btw im 11-0 vs cd in clan wars l0l

    2. Blue
    3. Saucey


      LOL did you rly have to search back to april 18 just to find a win?

      Dogshit ass clan LOL lets see your last f2p win, ill wait