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  1. !loc shitpremecy topic, y’all taking forever trying to make edits for propaganda wins LOLOL. Rat ass clan, bring your +1s tomorrow pls i want loots

  2. 3AT time to pull the ole “focus on rl” post and close. The malls need more enforcing 

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    2. roflcats


      not to mention your jobless current rank team who closed last time to focus rl l0l0

    3. Saucey


      @roflcatsr u ok rage my only clen, u sound mad it’s ok just u can sit on my lap bby

    4. roflcats


      rage is not your only clan lmao, and rage also closed and on the closing topics your current ranks said they had to focus irl???


      if you are looking at a clan full of quitters, rage is the clan you are looking at l0l

  3. Holy shit just close already shitpremecy, your one trip you have a week is a failure 😂
  4. How many clan friends/mains will shitpremecy have today!?! Last weekend 22 😂 join rage btw

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    2. Logic


      come home tango you dont have to pretend anymore 😕

    3. roflcats


      69v62 and u lost 

    4. Pun


      Zach just lost with 30 mains how fucking shit can you be lmfa000000

  5. Shitpremecy make sure you pm @BvGfor permission to set foot in his wild you fucking rats.
  6. Hey shitpremecy you should try going out during the week, your members want it...why has your leadership banned you from it???? Join big bear clan who pk multiple times a day! 

  7. Imagine having one event this week and you lose LOL GZ outrage
  8. Ah yes another bank loot rev trip for rage. Wuu2 shitpremecy? Step foot in our wild, see what happens. Become 🐻 today!

    1. K0nt


      they ded asf

  9. Want to be in a clan that has pk trips multiple times a day every day of the week? Join Big bear clan rage! Or you can be a pussy and join that cat clan who’s leaders ban midweek events, and only PK on saturdays (and still will never rush the mighty bears unless they’re up 15 with mains).

  10. Ah yes another multiple event day for clan rage. Imagine being in shitpremecy and being banned from the wild except for Saturday’s LOL
  11. Ah yes free from shartbrew jail

    1. Pun


      Excellent work my friend

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