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    This comment is simply not the truth, or a remotely accurate representation of the situation. There was SV kids in FoE and that's the original reason we attacked you for a pure fight, then one our leaders went offline during that fight and after that we attempted to communicate with FoE about it and they proceeded to flame us and tell us to "bring it on". So we decided to turn up to a few pure fights and snipe some FoE kids, this was over 3 months ago and we only turned up to three fights, we never camped FoE for "the entire of 2018" infact it was only for the end of 2018. You continue to bring this up even though it is long over and we haven't turned up to your fights at all. My position has nothing to do with pure's, it's strictly to do with the main scene. Also, we turned up with about 20 mains to the fight. Stop trying to lie to fuel your propaganda. I've been asked by multiple people to turn up to pure fights and I have refused. EoP is closed, get over it.
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    Monday: EST Sweep ft. SV/CT/RoT

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    Resurgence Vs PR | 30 Min Cap

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    Resurgence vs Vengeance - 25min Cap

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