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  1. Alan Rickman

    Sunday: Liths MS Fight/DK

    Event verified
  2. Alan Rickman

    Sunday: Liths MS Fight/DK

    Part 1: DK were PKing GDZ with around 20 ish people so we got some men and started fighting however as the fight was even opts DK were unable to compete and called off returning shortly after. Part 2: After the DK fight the Liths pmed us for a 45minute mutli spells fight within GDZ which we accepted and the fight went on the entire cap with 0 crashers. JaJa Starting: 30 JaJa Ending: 37 Kills:
  3. Alan Rickman

    weekend Sunday: JaJa vs The World

    Event verified
  4. Alan Rickman

    Resurgence Smallman Pkay

    Event verified
  5. Alan Rickman

    WG Goes Macing - 90m Loot

    Event verified
  6. Alan Rickman

    Vengeance Vs Destiny Wildy PKRI

    Event verified
  7. Alan Rickman

    Friday: 8 Hour Sweep FT Killing SV

    Event verified
  8. Alan Rickman

    Friday Part 2: Kings of 2k total worlds

    Event verified
  9. Alan Rickman

    Saturday: Defending the 2K throne

    Event verified
  10. Alan Rickman

    Saturday 2: Uncontested Sweep

    Event verified
  11. Alan Rickman

    Monday - Sweep

    Event verified
  12. Alan Rickman

    Sunday: 30 Minute Multi Spells vs Liths

    Event verified
  13. Alan Rickman

    Saturday: Hunting & Demoralising SV

    Event verified