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  1. Allied? Don't you mean slaves for?? 🙄 This is ironic coming from SV, who get one kill in multi and instantly tweet about it. Stop trying to copy RoT LMAO
  2. This doesn't look very good for SV, i think they started to believe their something without RoT 😂
  3. Did this rot slave just say we cant fight on our own? Everytime we fight you, you have 20 rot meds in your cc lmfao
  4. Top 3 Current Standings 1) JaJa - 29 Points 2) Vengeance - 27 Points 3) Resurgence - 16 Points A breakdown of topics posted can be found here.
  5. Nah but this is the same guy that's gunna ban you from the wilderness again 😁
  6. This the same guy than ran from sv screaming bloody murder? 😂😂
  7. Stop trying to burst A1's bubble, clearing 30 CT with 50 people (20 invites) and pd is his proudest moment
  8. Lying about opts? Nice intel 😂😂 Mad because I have intel on you 24/7???
  9. Dont forget PD In the CC as well 😂😂 CT is a bad dead clan, who cares??
  10. We hit you and you instantly ended? You didnt clear us?
  11. Taking a screenshot from a public group at a random time and passing it off as propaganda is about as pathetic as it gets 😂 Lisp1v1 back to propaganda school 😂
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