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  1. Earlier in the week SV approached us looking for a F2P wilderness battle. Despite knowing it would most likely turn into a 2v1 since they're allied with Reign of Terror we accepted the challenge keen to get some action. We had a solid turnout and performed great despite the obvious number disadvantage. After around 35 minutes we decided we'd given em enough smoke and called it a night.
  2. Forums | Discord Went out with 22 men in search of action. Pked for quite sometime but wasn't much clan action around revs. Eventually decided to check out the other wilderness spots picked up some loot and called it a night. Good fight gamers.
  3. Forums | Discord Once again we had some men online and decided to head into the wilderness in search of lootations. Good fight gamers. Pics:
  4. Forums | Discord Decided to head out with a small man trip and still managed to find some small teams to get some bank l00t. Thanks for the action.
  5. Forums | Discord Headed in to Rev caves after scouting some huge loot, Pked for a couple hours clearing a bunch of random small teams and such making huge coin. Pictures
  6. At least 110-120 men memberlist because they are bringing a lot of new blood people to learn warring stuff and etc... They are a Brazilian-Portuguese Country Clan.
  7. ah yes tr klan using sharkbrew now btw join us lol
  8. Actually... Arroz can pull 60-80 men if they fight in wilderness with at least 1/2 week(s) prep
  9. Forums | Discord Went out for the second time in the day after scouting some hella looty at 38 Alter. Logged in killed em all logged out. EZ4TR Pictures:
  10. Forums | Discord Had a few goons on TS this morning keen to PK so we sounded the feasting horn and went to sweep Rev Caves for about 2 hours or so making absolute bank. Pictures
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