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  1. sm3lls

    I Closed Rot

    rot got destroyed lmao
  2. sm3lls

    Wilderness Clan Of The Month(Winner) - January

    simple really
  3. sm3lls

    Resurgence Friday Night FT. Scorpia + Foe

    congrats on killing scorpia i guess
  4. sm3lls

    announcement 2018 Sharkbrew Awards

    sv died ye
  5. sm3lls

    Biggest slump?

    i would say supremacy was slumping for 2 years but i actually think 30 pulls were normal for them. critical damage also slumped super hard after SV left thanks to poor leadership decisions
  6. sm3lls

    Tuesday - Sweep

    AC is dead just close idiots
  7. sm3lls

    Monday - SV/TS/Rev/fo Destroyed

    looks like a shitter clan(s) got smoked!
  8. sm3lls

    Sunday - DK/Cards

  9. sm3lls

    jaja est cave sweep

    went to altar till we killed everything then found some whales in max trying to pk in our caves
  10. sm3lls

    Sunday 2: 1Hour 30 vs DF2

    none of us were suicide barraging but i can confirm i was returning in mithril
  11. sm3lls


    i agree kim is a female