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  1. Forum l Discord Jaja went out PKing prime time GMT hoping 1 of the 16 clans in anti-Jaja would come out, however this was not the case! PKed for 4 hours uncontested smoking loads of rats + sv small dik (terrified without RoT lmfao).
  2. Joy

    Vengeance PKRI vs Predator

    typical PR whales lmfao
  3. Forum l Discord We gathered up the EST men for our nightly sweep, and thanks to the power of our superior dental hygiene compared to GMT, we were able to make bank off of a bunch of retards. Altar and deep were barren so we hit up Rev caves and found giant whale random teams as well as Ibilys. They generously donated billions to the Jaja coffers and then we took our ending.
  4. Forum l Discord The EST boys (superior to GMT btw) pulled up to the caves for our nightly sweep and suffice it to say, we're pretty fucking sick. We stole draconic claws and well as an AGS off of some whales, and scrapped with AC multiple times, clearing them over and over. Where is anti-Jaja? I guess they don't mind us controlling EST.
  5. Forum l Discord We went out into the wildy with word there was bank in caves. We massed up 35 boys and never saw any sight of anti-Jaja. Weird, where was that crash war exactly? We ran into VR and cleared them after about 15 minutes. Thanks for the clean fight. Afterwards we found BA two seperate times and caught their entire clan, killing multiple of them for 1m each. This is why you guys only mace, you're shit. BLNT clans. 
  6. Lol imagine believing RoT propaganda. That audio wasn't anyone in Jaja and the name is covered by the right click. You're autistic for believing it.
  7. Forum l Discord The boys pulled up to 2K worlds for the hourly sweep and cleared the PvMers, as well as RoT and CT minions when they decided to show up to try to defend the rat PvMers. You can't defend these PvMers no matter what you do lmfao, BLNT!
  8. Forum l Discord Went out on our daily GMT trip and ran into LIths who gave us some solid action. Some SV retards tried to crash but since there was like 2 of them in total it didn't work out so well. After clearing them we sweeped the rest of the caves and made some nice loot. GF Liths.
  9. Forum l Discord EST Jaja gathered up the boys to sweep wildy and made bank. Here are the highlights.
  10. Forum l Discord Went out pking hoping to run into the anti-Jaja alliance, but unfortunately we only ran into 1 clan that's part of the anti-jaja alliance, Team Sweden. Instead of fighting back they ran at the sight of us. After that we scrapped with BA for a bit and cleared the remainder of the caves. 
  11. Forum l Discord Killed some noobs for loot. Loc anti-jaja?
  12. Forum l Discord We gathered up the usual EST gamers for an altar and deep wildy sweep, where we ran into Resurgence and some other trash teams. Towards the end of the trip we decided to hit up caves for a bit and found WG. We stole 2 kraken tentacles and multiple mystic sets off of them before dipping out with the hard earned loot. Word on the street is Jaja wins again?
  13. Joy

    Saturday: 4 hour Sweep

    money clan $$$
  14. Joy

    Tuesday: EST PK Celebrates Mitch's Birthday

    Ty whales for bank