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  1. Joy

    weekend Sunday: JaJa vs The World

    Merged cc won't save you guys
  2. I accept this award on the behalf of all minty grills everywhere.
  3. Joy

    Monday - SV/TS/Rev/fo Destroyed

    Can't stop donating us +1's lol
  4. Joy

    Wednesday: Clearing SV 2x FT Rot

    Hiding behind RoT won't save you SV.
  5. Joy

    Jaja closing

    This topic has aged very well.
  6. We gathered the finest EST warriors and started off at altar, but it was dead so we moved onto Rev caves, finding some small teams and clearing them out before eventually running into VR. We quickly surged to 18 and obliterated VR, completely clearing them from the map. After hopping around some more we ran into about 30 Lil Cards, and cleared them as well. EST does it best.
  7. Joy

    Vengeance GMT Show Of Force

    Nice action boys