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  1. looks like you're out of words to say if you start to point at my 2 ex clans (who were both better than jaja if you didnt know btw) also those were actual clans, not a 15 man group of freaks who rag revenant caves for pvmers and run from competition
  2. used to play cs:go and fifa but not competitive. just for fun.
  3. oh wow, 5 sv and another 3 ct spaming who were probably there to hit rev. you claim to be ''killing'' them yet you are scared shitless when a clan you're in crash war with shows up with 5 people. you're nothing but a bunch of pussies lol. check minimap? its all white, just shows that your shit were pushed in by rot speaking of sucking some1's cock - i find it funny that jaja is sucking rev's cock considering y'all were in a crash war before rot victimized y'all and you both became best buddies almost immediately. not that you would know considering you were picked off the pc boat few months ago. keep posting propaganda threads for pures though, everyone else knows your clan is nothing but a rag ballista team full of 1 hits
  4. if this is the best ''banter'' sharkbrew has to offer then just yikes lol
  5. you ran because 25 rot were pushing your and rev's shit in lol and idk about you but i don't see any ct/sv in that gif but then again you run from 1 rot member in purple sleeves so...
  6. itt: one neckbeard is angry because other neckbeards didnt respond to him on discord
  7. looks like a very eventful trip. good job!
  8. im not rot but i've been in the main clan scene long enough to know how they operate. if they hit your trips and crash you, your officials either didn't do what they asked or they snaked them, or maybe even both. if that's the case you ask them what you need to do for them to leave you alone or fight them with any means necessary (not out of game tactics though because that would put you in the same bracket as them) i don't think foe gives them any threat, they just do it to punish you for your leadership's mistakes you call me delusional yet you think foe will do anything to rot. talk about irony.
  9. shouldn't you be trying to hold down those worlds considering you can easily farm rsgp there and that's where most of their rsgp comes from? or maybe in fact you didn't actually check those worlds because it only took me 5 minutes to get attacked by one of them when i was doing my wildy slayer task
  10. yeah im sure they give a fuck about the random 2k discord kids you're killing you should try your luck in 2.2k worlds which are actually controlled by them
  11. ? they are bragging about having loads of mains so they might as well go fight rot on those. considering rot most likely won't stop crashing them after 1 or 2 of their members thought they would be coolest kids on the block and doxed a rot member, that's the best they got. i don't know what fights you're talking about - the only times they fought back against them, they got cleared off the map or suicided for 4 hours (yesterday) pretty sure one of their members died like 250 times yesterday lol
  12. this pures clans who hate eachother would kill eachother, so would mains
  13. grats on killing 1 rot member which is more than you usually kill and bunch of pvmers
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