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  1. oh look, another rev topic with pictures of a merged cc and no ending picture stop beating around the bush and merge with af and df already so you can also merge audios. might stop you from getting barraged out in all those clumps lol
  2. yeah im sure murray joined the cc just to watch LOL also, its 9 clans now? the topic title only mentions 6 😤
  3. these clans dont even try to hide it anymore and then they have the audacity to put "lol just farmed 50 clans 1v50!"
  4. f2p warring got fucked up after jagex introduced annakarl tabs which made clearing another clan basically impossible, and to make things worse, everyone started doing that 3x3 box thing which made fights incredibly boring. thats the biggest problem, not druid robes and other garbage. if f2p warring got back to its old level, id even consider returning to clanning myself, as p2p hasnt appealed to me because its just 5 clans in a merged cc claiming to be independent shooting bolts at rot suicide barragers
  5. ? i'm not even in a clan lol and why do you get so defensive over a clan you're not even in? you're their bitch or what? im just wondering why they typin "haha lol just beat u 1v9!!!" and then post pictures of themselves being in the same cc as df
  6. serious question - has rev ever had an event where they don't spend time in a merged cc with another clan? just wondering lol
  7. you mean rev + df vs sv (+ like 10 team sweden?) rot was destroying af south of castle lol
  8. congrats on lasting 14 years i guess even though the last 5 years of your existence have been an embarrassment to the clan itself if your ex members saw what vr has become they would question why you didn't pull the plug years ago lol
  9. probably the worst audio ''leak'' (if you can even call that a leak) of all time
  10. i think you forgot to mention that you merged cc's with df and then attempted a couple 5 man spams as rot kept barraging out your clumps because when you're in a open cc, your organization is literally that of a open cc also no ending picture because we all know as your entire alliance starts dropping numbers 30 minutes in, you do your magic synchronized log out lol
  11. how big of a fucking bum u have to be to roll up with a mithril scimitar lmfao congrats on win wilderland, looks like you dominated
  12. these have been around forever and they've always been pretty heavily enforced, it just means some1 finally reported u or whoever else that is lol
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