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  1. @wolfffftrying to save face by saying it was a leak l0000000000000000000000000l kick more "leaks"
  2. Poor veng doesnt even try to react anymore. @wolffffis so broken he refuses to post on our topics anymore because he ends up looking even more stupid
  3. Veng ended after we hit them at rev entrance l0000000000000000000l @wolffffwhere you at idiot
  4. Just like how it's a shame we call Vengeance competition when they hide in singles with 6 man pulls. Hmmm....
  5. @wolffffwont talk anymore. We broke him and his clan.
  6. Easy as always. Waiting for @wolffffto come crying now
  7. @Siegeimagine trying to bait me into bumping for 6 man pk trip topics. keep slumping. You're used to slumps in apex right?
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