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  1. On the next episode of Vengeance PK Topics: 10B Pk Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ft. 1 zgs and bracelets
  2. Verts

    Wilderness Clan Of The Month(Winner) - February

    Posting 2 topics about the same PK trip isn't being more active
  3. Veng hides for another sunday! I wonder what their members think about refusing to fight AGAIN!!
  4. Verts

    midweek Resurgence's Late EST Wednesday Sweep

    Easy as usual.
  5. Was fun. Thanks to all who participated
  6. Can't wait til veng and polygamy merge. Maybe they will stop running on sight up 20 opts
  7. Just another night for Resurgence
  8. Verts

    Resurgence Sunday Out Ft. Veng/Vitality/SV/AE

    I dream of the day veng fights back instead of giving excuses