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  1. @wolfffftrying to save face by saying it was a leak l0000000000000000000000000l kick more "leaks"
  2. Poor veng doesnt even try to react anymore. @wolffffis so broken he refuses to post on our topics anymore because he ends up looking even more stupid
  3. Veng playing the victim again
  4. Verts

    pkri Res Friday Ft. Cleaning Altar

    Veng ended after we hit them at rev entrance l0000000000000000000l @wolffffwhere you at idiot
  5. Verts

    pkri Cutthroat Takes A Massive Dump On SV

    Obsessed much?
  6. Verts

    pkri Cutthroat Takes A Massive Dump On SV

    Just like how it's a shame we call Vengeance competition when they hide in singles with 6 man pulls. Hmmm....
  7. @wolffffwont talk anymore. We broke him and his clan.
  8. Easy as always. Waiting for @wolffffto come crying now
  9. Veng is on life support at this point
  10. Verts

    pkri Monday - Pd Raped In Their Own Timezone Ft. Latinos

    poor @wolffffpipes up while hes playing skribble
  11. @Siegeimagine trying to bait me into bumping for 6 man pk trip topics. keep slumping. You're used to slumps in apex right?