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  1. Jaya Bee

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | P2P Prep [3-0] [30v30]

    ty for prep boys gf
  2. ty for fights boys was fun
  3. Jaya Bee

    Detrimental scheduling fights.

    gl boys looked like a good sunday
  4. Jaya Bee

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Supremacy F2P Prep 2-1

    nice win boys
  5. super fun TY for the fight IR
  6. Jaya Bee

    Final Ownage Elite Vs. Apex P2P Mini's 4-1

    @Moni stop pirating your music that ending ad was cancer
  7. Jaya Bee

    weekend Detrimentals first sunday trip

    gf bros was a fun weekends trip by the looks of it
  8. Jaya Bee

    Zerk/Tank/Med Scene Revival

    I will not say that banter / flaming is the problem but things like spys, unnecessary nh stuff, and the use of rivalries as a means to an end are what im more referring to. I think you 3 med clans are very much fostering a workable relationship and understanding which will keep the scene alive for sure. I would say right now no one is really accusing anyone yet of something drastic because the scene is growing and becoming interesting but there needs to be an understanding that this could all fall down again if people start to slip back into the old ways. Yes having fun is the goal of the game a reason lots still play
  9. Jaya Bee

    Zerk/Tank/Med Scene Revival

    agree pures are low enough level that they cant usually be hit by mains but med, tanks, zerks will all get bullied to quite low wilderness levels by mains which makes multi awkward and more a trust problem. I think the scene is fine and i would hope that as time goes on it attracts more people to it regardless of it being in kinda a weird spot for multi pking. But the scene the scene cannot foster uncooperative / hostile clans because as soon as one clan closes the scene will rapidly dissolve and die. You competition is as much your enemy as your friend because of mains and this makes certain aspects of clanning very different from all other ones.
  10. very nice boys i wish you the best of luck
  11. thats some good looking action nj tigers
  12. Jaya Bee

    Vengeance New Late Night Unit Blooms

    small man squad looks strong
  13. Jaya Bee

    Vengeance Ballista Squad Special

    looks clean boys nice job
  14. Jaya Bee

    What are your predictions for LPC?

    probably. My gut tells me that wildy action wont be affected to bad atm eop really didnt bring a lot to the fights as of recent memory but with their members either joining other clans or remaking fearless the wildy will balance itself out eventually. Mostly leading towards bigger fights due to clans having more recycled members but the fights will be less in frequency / duration. this is truly a slow death, as the scene gets smaller and smaller.