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    Mostly just Runescape, PUBG, and doing cauliflower brown sticky stuff with friends.
    Goose Boii
  1. What is your real life name? Anthony What are your hobbies? Work, School, Friends, and somehow have time to play Runescape. What is your RuneScape history? Picked up RS about a year ago after trying to quit multiple times then joined my first pure clan [sF] didn't really like f2p so I left and joined Misits. Originally played a long time ago (2007) and never really knew about clanning until recently so I gave it a shot and here I am. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Currently working on maxing out my 75 attack pure, and also have a Zerker im working on as a side project. What clan are you in? Misfits Anything else: Hope to get along with everyone
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