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  1. It's time to unite the pure community the way it should have been united a decade ago
  2. you must have pulled a hair nawe with all these sup dudes coming out of the woods to justify their actions LOL
  3. didn't you go out with legacy tonight? 😕
  4. Hi, I'm Taka. Been clanning for 8ish years. I pure clan for the community, not because I'm a professional F2P/P2P Warrer. Some of the clans I've been a part of include: Conspiracy, Complexity, Control, Corrupt Pures, Tribulation, Eruption of Pures, The Last Pures, Impact, Against All Odds. As a majority of people know AAO closed, so I've been hopping around on weekend trips trying to find a fit for me. I am looking for an active and mature community with an active discord. I currently can only make weekend trips (and the occasional weekday trip) due to my work schedule. I can be reached on discord taka#5891. Thanks for reading.
  5. The Toon Squad came out with 35 Lions Who Can Ball, later peaking at 39. Against All Odds vs. Outburst While we were warming up for our game, Outburst tried to take warm up on our side of the court. So we got into a sweet slam dunk contest. We were winning the slam dunk competition by a solid +10 points when Misfits decided to be nerds and crash our slam dunk contest. We decided to go get some GATORADE (the official drink of Against All Odds) to prepare for our third point shooting contest. Against All Odds vs. Apex vs. Misfits The Sharks and Bees decided to try to get into our locker room while we were changing, so we decided to get all of the basketballs in the gym and waited for them to enter our locker room again. As soon as they teled into bandits, we threw copious amounts of basketballs, GATORADE (the official drink of Against All Odds), and dirty underwear to teach them a lesson. Against All Odds welcomed them to the jam and hurt many people. Against All Odds vs. Outburst We were down by 2 points in falador after the first half, so we crossed Outburst up pretty hard. Many ankles were broken to the point where Fearless got jealous of our sweet moves and tried to get involved. Against All Odds vs. Outburst We were over at the Chaos Altar working on our sweet dunks when Outburst came over wanting to do a dunk contest. Unfortunately, you can only go so long doing windmill dunks before you have to kick it up a notch. We did a sweet 360 Dunk and Fearless decided to show up again to see what was going on. Jesus Fearless, this is a private 1v1 match smh. Against All Odds vs. Outburst We were working on our free throws when Outburst asked for a 1v1 king of the court match. We quickly took control of the game (up by 11 points after 2 minutes) then Fearless showed up to our court again. This was our last fight of the day against Outburst, thank you for the fights. Against All Odds vs. Intense Redemption vs. Misfits IR and MF decided to show up to our court acting like they could take it from us without a fight. So we decided to posterize them with a sexy ass dunk. It was a clusterfuck for all clans but it was good fun. Thanks for the clusterfuck. Thanks to @Twisted lmp for this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpkMa5BnBPA Thanks to @Royce for this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GojocbweV0&feature=youtu.be SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS GATORADE FOR THE SUPPORT
  6. i agree kenan, broccoli is good for you!
  7. divine can lick my butthole

  8. To the pure community: Thanks for the fights, thanks for the fun. -AAO

  9. proud to serve the most dominate clan in the whole world not proud that im still on this brown sticky stuffty game after 8 years.
  10. remember when pure clanning was about having fun fighting in the wilderness and clan wars, and not about trying to prove that your clan was the best over a forum
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