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  1. p2p fullout vs rockman? 126 cb cap I'm calling aao out tbh I bet u decline
  2. Unbreakable is still the worst clan name in the history of rs and will probably be for a long time
  3. i will be taking back my leader position in rockman gl everyone

  4. i no longer participate in pure clanning as i have gotten incurable diarrhea from it
  5. 1-20 def has been pretty normal but i like the idea of 1-4 misfits probably best p2p lpc atm btw ngl tho id put sf at #2
  6. Hey guys doom started the 1 def movement even when @Moni is 20 def

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    2. Tango Wins Again
    3. موني


      I'm 1 def friend

    4. Kenan N Kel

      Kenan N Kel

      @Moni not when the person u bought the account from recovers it

  7. I give credit to misfits and this nigga says aao when their warlord is 20 def Jesus hormone is dumb
  8. Lmao pure clanning in 2017

  9. Xlpc most ppl won't have overs anyways might aswell have them off 65 cap sounds good couldn't give 2 brown sticky stuffs about other ded scenes
  10. lmfao pure clanning in 2017

  11. with cd and op both going lpc what was even the point of going hpc? which clan is going lpc next rage? apex? its a complete backstep everyone should've just stayed mpc instead of slumping your clans for no reason.
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