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  1. Disappointing to see that you need + opts and a leak to get a clear from war. Typical Misfits though bet you wouldn't be able to clear War matched. Shit topic.
  2. you're a fucking loser kid. stfu you did nothing in this video .
  3. The battle of who has more sharkbrew accounts. Cringe.
  4. Are you guys always re-making p2p mini teams everytime you lose 1?
  5. @Ace Krave Just by reviewing this video alone i can tell you that you have no idea what you're doing. Gl.
  6. You had 1 fight that lasted 30 seconds, like the rest of us, imagine pulling 20 and having the same action has clans pulling over 30+. Continue hiding behind your LPC clan's for opts.
  7. Ragging really? you that fucking pathetic.
  8. Fatality trying to become more active. Its been several years since i've seen a clan bait them out of safezone.
  9. If you're envy and happy about this win god bless.
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