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  1. Control Pker

    midweek War hates Monday's Ft. 2x GWAS!

    Disappointing to see that you need + opts and a leak to get a clear from war. Typical Misfits though bet you wouldn't be able to clear War matched. Shit topic.
  2. Control Pker

    pure/pkri Purge vs Supremacy - P2P PKRI FT - Apex 1itemers

    you're a fucking loser kid. stfu you did nothing in this video .
  3. Control Pker

    Who is winning?

    The battle of who has more sharkbrew accounts. Cringe.
  4. Control Pker

    team Knockout - P2P Clan Wars Team

    Are you guys always re-making p2p mini teams everytime you lose 1?
  5. GO recruit out of your Lpc's retard, cry moree.
  6. Control Pker

    pure/pkri [Purge Vs Foe P2P] - [ Clearing misfits down 10 ]

    @Ace Krave Just by reviewing this video alone i can tell you that you have no idea what you're doing. Gl.
  7. Control Pker

    main Rampage Vs Ascent & Nightmare :)

    You had 1 fight that lasted 30 seconds, like the rest of us, imagine pulling 20 and having the same action has clans pulling over 30+. Continue hiding behind your LPC clan's for opts.
  8. Control Pker

    Envy declares full out on AAO

    this is why envy is retarded. can't even spell Plateau.
  9. Control Pker

    lpc Looking for xlpc pure clan

    HA pub, i'm bald so join.
  10. Control Pker

    Apex Btw

    Ragging really? you that fucking pathetic.
  11. Control Pker

    pure/midweek Purge Kills Envy in 20 Seconeds

    so bad in every aspect. Crap vid btw.
  12. Fatality trying to become more active. Its been several years since i've seen a clan bait them out of safezone.