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  1. I didn't ask how sup trip went LOL @WarChild
  2. After ruining Foe's F2P trip yesterday (3 hours leading to 3 minutes of 'fighting' for them) we were looking forward to ruining their P2P Sunday trip as well. Foe massed for an hour and spent the next 20 minutes just waiting in Single. Eventually they got a 'fight' and we logged in on top of them instantly. Inevitably Foe's minions Rot + Av logged in, which would soon be a mistake. With Foe panicking almost immediately and quickly disappearing it left just Rot and Av without the help they were soon desperately need. Getting on top of them we one hit pretty much everyone we piled and soon Rot had the same 3-4 people in-game, forced to d'hide barraging (much like most fights). With this being so easy we hopped worlds and logged into Foe who were re-grouping to come and help Rot. We messed around with them for a-few minutes until not being able to attack all of their weak pures got silly so we went back to clear rot again. In the few minutes we were gone it seemed like Rot had come up with a plan (an obvious one but a plan none the less.) They slowly dragged us more north into the trees near 18 Portals for one final stand and try barrage us out but with us on top of them it didn't work so they were forced to log onto their mains. Instead of having their mains logged around the fight they decided to log in a dd with 23 people next to 50 of us in mage, safe to say it didn't go well. We then cleared their remaining meds, went south where their mains couldn't hit us and waited for them to come back on their meds ('easier than mains lmfao'). They didn't and obviously weren't down for the fight. After this we had some fun with Foe and ruined their last few chances of having a fight today. Happy Birthday Danny! Reminder to any Foe reading this (cos you are): 1 Danny = 0 fights, you know what to do. Can you imagine suiciding like that on a Sunday to protect a pure clan that doesn't give a shit about you lmfao.
  3. Went out Pking and ran into Lil Cards, then Jaja, and had a quick scrap until they teleported out, ran into them a-few more times but we had a considerable number advantage. With rev's cleared we went deep which lead to Kyle nearly dying to two level 89s. Having quite a-few of the EST unit on we asked Rev for a single spells fight and they accepted. After a quick mass we met up at Chaos temple and had a rather even fight an hour till the cap ended we then compared endings like it was 2010 and Bosha got all of Rev muted. Revan wins again. Video: Pictures: Unless that time is 9:00 Pm EST and the place is the wilderness, Rot with a 1 man crash attempt (after the fight ended) But at least it's better than this guy who was looting instead.. Thanks for the fight Rev and Goodjob Est Unit.
  4. Pk'd around rev caves for around 2 hours killing everything we saw upon sight. Bumped into AE where we had a scimerish who then asked us for a little scrap. Tel'd up to GDZ and the fight lasted for about ~45 minutes until they called it a day and both teams took an ending - thanks for stepping up gamers! Another squeaky clean fight once again with no loc on the Anti-AF alliance (SV+TS+RoT+2K+1750S+DK+CT).
  5. Set up a fight with Rev and to make sure the bad clans come and crash it this time (unlike Tuesday) we let word of the fight spread out. Started off the fight with rev and it still took the bad clans over 15 minutes to arrive. Once they did arrive they decided to clump up and got barraged out within the first 30 seconds. From here on out they were constantly running away with about 6 white dots in-game, occasionally stopping to let Sv and Ts rush so they could re-group and then continue running north. After the embarrassment Tuesday when they didn't have enough in-game for spams for their topic we knew they'd be desperate to put on a brave face today. Every 2 minutes they'd clump up for a spam (Multi-logging on their meds for it) and we would respond by barraging them out, they would then suicide in-game till they had enough for another spam. This was then repeated for over an hour till our bedtime came. Pictures: Bonus pic: Rot's spam for 95% of the fight Never seen a clan so desperate for spam pictures that they sacrifice their in-game performance like that before was fucking hilarious.
  6. Went out Pking and Jaja got in contact for a fight which was a nice surprise cos i believe we've fought everyone else since we came back but Jaja. Set up a single spells fight and despite a weird start cos we didn't know their Rsn's but once we knew who was who we got into a groove and owned. 2 Minutes before the cap ended some crashers came and killed 2 looters. Pictures: Thanks for the battle jaja.
  7. We arranged a fight with Rev and to switch it up we did multi spells rather than single. We changed our multispells tactics up a little and i feel like it worked quite well. Once the cap was over we took endings and jimmy ran away from us cos scared lol. (Forgot to mention Sv was ready to try and crash but Rot told them to wait cos Rot didn't have enough) After the Rev fight (100% clean btw) ended we decided to make the bad clans alliance come out and play. Logging into Sv world we cleared them before Rot could log in. Once Rot did log in we barraged out their clump and the fun began. For the next 2 hours Rot would be forced to do their usual thing of d'hide barraging and as uaul they got destroyed and were basically suiciding rather than fighting. Noticing how poor their performance was we told them they had 15 minutes to try and come up with something but they didn't really have enough in-game to get a good spam (well one with more than 9/51 people) Pictures: Thanks for the fight Rev (again, clean). lmfao Rot
  8. loc on sup? 1 hr clean fight no crash.. I thought you were rivals?? :l
  9. After not making a topic on Sunday cos my cold near killed me i was in danger of not making this topic either but i managed to not fall into a coma and get to this Runescape battle. I missed the first ~20 minutes but when i got there it seemed pretty even and with my help (and possibly Laurens calling idk..) i felt like we took control for the next 40 minutes or so but it's single spells so who really knows. After the cap ended with a grand total of 0 (Zero, nil, nada, none) crashers we tried to bait bosha but he was scared and ran away lol. Pictures: People took pics of spam today, so happy. Was really fun.
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