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  1. Ty for the b2b fights Noxi lets do more
  2. Today Noxi approached us with a FT50 and PKRI seeing as the clan they had it setup with backed out. We gladly accepted and are thankful they still did the Pkri down 4/5 opts
  3. No one left after round 1 thats Jamz feeding you ganda, we asked for KO because we had 29 to your 35. it would be a waste of time to continue to do FT50 when you have 5 people ready to come in the portal.. When Jamz agreed if we didn't pull 30 we could do KO Rounds
  4. AF ON MY CHEST ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for AF
  5. I've been saying you're cringe wtf you talking about lmao I just don't talk to you because you're a snake so you wouldn't kno
  6. wym lmfao, idc if you put a picture up was just saying its cringe
  7. Like why you screenshotting what edgi said and posting it to a topic lmfao
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