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  1. Lol Both weekend trips was so fun for and action packed for Rage .you can see obsessed FOE members not satisfied with fake beef they started.
  2. LOL WAS FUN. That number differnce wasnt almoust noticable. FOE quality is getting worse everyday
  3. wins clan who wants to win most nowadays. performance/numbers means nothing if u can maintain atleast 5 people at all times ur are good
  4. ah 5v5s boring. one lucky spec and ur team wins whole thing. would be interesting to watch higher opts fights between those 2 teams
  5. Easy for clan Rage! I wouldnt be surprised if someone from supp ddos their own members lol.
  6. are u guys open? if yes whats ur discord ?
  7. so stop crying about mains if u bring them urself... SV is helping you...
  8. Yo its not like you didn't bring mains and other clans helped you.
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