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  1. cheers guys @TheBeanhit me up on discord mate long time.
  2. Corrupted Souls - Sunday Small Man Slaughter FT aka RDK / Vendetta - On late Sunday evening the Corrupted Souls army decided to pull a small 8 man unit together to hit the wilderness where we ran into multiple small teams with the main action coming from RDK and Vendetta/Green Army. RDK hit us the first 2 times and got cleared matched ops so they massed up to pull 12-15 against our 8 but CS stood their ground and in the 30 minute return fight smashed RDK and took the same guy for multiple plus ones consisting of AGS and Elder maul. As for Vendetta/Green Army.... well yeah, they got smoked. Respect to RDK for the action but unfortunately CS wins again. Be seeing you! Pictures Kill Pics Thanks for the action everyone. /RDK please remember to Join Today https://discord.gg/sJEQKYB62u
  3. killed 2x with 4 shields and 3 helms? looted much ? im not that smart but surely 2 deaths would be 2 shields 2 helms?
  4. I might have had my eyes crossed, I do not count the staffs when wearing d'hide as people use them just to tank lol. you're welcome for the highlight, I'd recommend in giving him a warning for that. We have only ever had looters loot our fights when we fight you ? maybe one of your guys has a private on? possibly warn them too..... When returning please take your time we do not want you bringing extra items so looters make more money..... I'd recommend a decent mouse and breathe while returning to ensure this does not happen again we know warrior helms are worth alot. Also possibly tell Not to bring extra items with him as he is unable to wear 2 helms and 3 shields at the same time. Also thank you for putting us back at the top where the kings belong ❤️ Always fun to fight you all look forward to future action. P.S please respond
  5. As mentioned before fight no looters but as soon as you all rushed looters followed? same as our last fight? also please notice the pictures attached from your members dying with loot? or possibly miss clicks from map?? I can confirm CS never reduce to de gear / rag but from your starting picture you allow rags ? confirm? RDK = 8 mages CS= 15? we might have lost a few mages to match yall. Please reply as every comment gives us a bump to the top. ❤️
  6. Corrupted Souls - vs - RDK 19/11/2020 The Corrupted Souls army returned to the wilderness once again to war another time against Red Dragon Knights. The numbers pulled from each side looks fairly equal with RDK looking to have a slight number advantage but to RDK’s dismay this did not hinder Corrupted Souls performance. RDK started out strong but in CS style we dealt with the numbers disadvantage and got some huge clumps which after our last war you’d think RDK would’ve learnt from but clearly not. The domination by CS carried on for some time seeing some RDK members slowly downgrade their gear to addy helms and kites. After 30 minutes of action, pures decided to crash who quickly found their place in the food chain as they got cleared within quick succession eventually leading to ending pictures being taken. Respect to RDK for the action but unfortunately CS wins again. Be seeing you! Pictures Kill Pics Thanks for the action guys. Join today https://discord.gg/sJEQKYB62u
  7. Corrupted Souls - vs - Vengeance 10/11/2020 Today the Corrupted Souls army took to the wildy for an organised fight vs Vengeance, west of rune rocks. Both teams provided clean and fun fight, with clumps happening here and there and both teams returning well. Very hard call this fight as both teams performed well. Clean fight with a respectful ending. Good fight Vengeance. Until Next Time. Pictures Thanks for the action guys. Join today https://discord.gg/sJEQKYB62u
  8. thanks mate, yeah same dude will be good 👍
  9. Thanks man, you know where we are if you want thanks man yes bro always ❤️ thanks man
  10. cheers mate you know where we are if you ever want to pk though yesss ❤️
  11. Corrupted Souls - vs - RDK 5/11/2020 Today Corrupted Souls had a matched opts wilderness fight set up vs RDK for a clean fight , after sometime of fighting we seem to have got crashed resulting in a regroup and a new location. After a quick regroup and a few added members from both teams we set up the new location, again both teams performed really well. With barrage clumps from either side but fortunately CS used this to their advantage forcing RDK to spend more time returning. Towards the end we got crashed by DK but that ended embarrassingly for them as they was cleared momentarily. Clean fight with a respectful ending. Good fight RDK. Until Next Time. Video To Follow = Pictures Thanks for the action, Join today https://discord.gg/sJEQKYB62u
  12. Welcome To Corrupted Souls Recruitment Topic Discord Link = https://discord.gg/sJEQKYB62u Youtube = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2EMwlTufzvXSuBfypFEVg Clan Chat = CS Lobby Time Zone = G M T About Us Corrupted Souls was created by a handful of old friends with the vision to provide quality trips and enjoyment. We have now decided to open up and expand our member base and provide more action to other clans / teams in the wilderness. We are a fast growing community gaining new members and hosting various events / trips daily. .Come Take A Look. Requirements 110+ Combat ( Applicant ) 115+ Combat ( Member ) 94+ Magic Wilderness Hard Diaries Rigour / Augury Edgeville Respawn Crystal Shield Return tab must meet requirements ( Details provided upon joining CS discord ) What To Expect Off Us We pride ourselves in clean action, being respectful, We PK everyday in various locations.
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