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    We worden geil van m5’jes, nightriders en spyders, rs’jes twee pijpen, topcoureurs en drivers, twee takters en bikers

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  1. What is? The piles you listened to yesterday?
  2. So went making a banner for Clan Rage, and the outcome came out pretty sick, didn't expected it to come out like this. After the afterlayers, with radial blur/zoomblur the backing came out hard. Feel free to pm me on discord.
  3. Looks amazing, wish I was a star with drawing :S
  4. @IzadI can confirm, RyanTheG bought a Avatar of me, but never payed, and never replies anymore.
  5. Aha, at Ca we went into both of you guys. But wasnt that much to put it in the vid haha.
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