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  1. @IzadI can confirm, RyanTheG bought a Avatar of me, but never payed, and never replies anymore.
  2. Aha, at Ca we went into both of you guys. But wasnt that much to put it in the vid haha.
  3. We aint like Noxious putting a 5 kill clip in it haha, I was talking about the corp cave. Not rev cave. that's my bad.
  4. I was talking about the Rev cave. We ran into you guys and mentioned to drop 5 of your team members, while you left them alone and ran to SS.
  5. But then you need: Twitter, Instagram, shoutouts or sponsors, but we're just a small team, so that's a bit unnecessary right, but thanks for your tip =D I did 3D banners back in the days, and kinda felt it was getting basic, the community I was in went over to 2D, and that's the time I quit designing. Now I'm picking it up again.
  6. Pop out, wdym with that? Like more colour or like something that no one has.
  7. The black bars are there just to make sure how big it needs to be, it divides the channel 😛
  8. Tell me what you think about it, I handle critics, and do something with tips. edit: Maybe an option to make a Opinion channel, to show your work, and where you can drop opinions.
  9. You didnt had a fight at the Rev cave, but avoid that, cute u ran to singles.
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