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  1. i was the one shitting on you while you wiped my ass inbred trash incel @DilL
  2. you getting @'ed 10 times per event means you got the g wasssssss you stupid fuck 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if every rage member is @ing you into their highlight reels i wouldn't be that proud l00000000000000000000l 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @DilL @DilL
  3. We DoubleYour Pull Every Event Discouraged Clan @DilL
  4. try and spin this shit around for your sheep, lol i'll watch at your pathetic spin attempts @assholeeaterDILL @DilL
  5. u sound scared like somebody about to close u
  6. tired of dying 20 times per weekend trip?

    tired of your clan being inactive all week?

    tired of your clan pulling 40 to weekend trips?

    tired of your leaders screaming at you because of their own incompetency?


    tons of events during the week + big ownage on the weekends + helpful and welcoming ranks


  7. Waiting on ur closing topic... @slumpremacy

  8. nty i dont want another 101 acc that gets camped by max mains every wildy trip and is worthless in every other aspect of the game other than clan wars. im sticking with my max ags pure either way this time.
  9. wilderness domination (some combination of pull + wins/losses, {heavily emphasize wins/losses over pull because pull can be deceiving/easily faked, like x points for 20-40 pull, x points for 40-60 and x points for 60-80+ pull, so on, seperated by fractions of a point}) should be 66%. Again, HEAVY EMPHASIS ON WINS over pull because then everyone will be bringing every account they have to pk trips. wilderness activity should count for the other 34%. Also, clans should be penalized for not participating in MAJOR wilderness events (basically not showing up sat or sun while the rest of the community particpates). ticky tacky brown sticky stuff should stay in place like rules on mains/pkri's vs midweeks etc. to make it easy you could score events out of 10 (6.6 possible for domination,3.4 possible for activity) unless you dont like decimals then do it out of 100 doesnt really matter. OR out of 1 possible point if you really like decimals. Also, MAJOR wilderness events (sat and sun) should be worth 1.5-2x midweeks/pkris, as that is when most clans are at full force, which gives better representation as to which clan is truly the best wilderness clan of that month. (slightly revised and placed in a more appropriate topic) just my opinion tho, the finer details i tried to explain were much harder to come up with than expected, feel free to build on/scrap any or all of that @@Kim
  10. again, where's the 'none' option on the second question? you're forcing votes which gives you artificial results. either let me vote 'none' or dont force me to vote on all questions. doesnt seem too difficult to me.
  11. wilderness domination (some combination of pull + wins/losses) should be 66%, wilderness activity should count for the other 34%, also clans should be penalized for not participating in MAJOR wilderness events (basically not showing up sat or sun) just my opinion
  12. Holy brown sticky stuff if I were associated with isis terrorist @`Don I would leave the clan immediately and report suspicious activity to local police. LET THE TERRORISTS BURN PLS

    1. RIP


      All It Takes Is One Heads Up Person To Save A Community

  13. @@S1ngh cd's posted what 2 topics in 3 months? i wouldnt count your chickens before they hatch. btw your led by an isis terrorist so odds are he will lead to a DYNAMITE ending!! you really wanna be on the wrong side of that?? LMFAOOOOOOO WILL BE FUN WATCHING wheres popcorn isis @ the extremist terrorist were all looking at you.. just saying..
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