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  1. maybe, hopefully, someday some of these hopeless losers will help these equally hopeless clowns find a purpose. #happilywaiting
  2. no1 cares loser your clan is dead you had your chance cry somewhere else i hear 8chan needs mods, or else try MyMiltia you rat and eat my hollow tips theyre ready 4 u #happilywaiting
  3. no, i havent logged onto this site since august, sorry i couldn't rag you sooner. I just came back and sista seem's like apex hasn't been weaker, with your 40 man pull trying to merge with EZ and ROT in one CC l00l couldn't be me! GGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  4. u r a clown spin around and talk some more maybe you'll get some likes
  5. love ur profile pic of the cringe iphone ad didnt read the rest
  6. and what is zenith prep record? since you're so quick to bash other clans, i'm pretty sure zenith has the worst prep record in the clan scene rn whatabeta
  7. if control pker is your leader still then nek it
  8. damn full clear on the masser clan! to be expected, but still gz big dick bears POV DOESNT LIE, nothing left of you ass clowns?? god forbid you actually try and prove your worth and prep us rats will be rats [1 rage bear > 10 zenith rats] you have a problem with my math? prep us and prove it
  9. lil peep is 0 quality trash btw pm me for his closing siggy retarded ass clown
  10. looks like yellow team never got within 50 of purple team once during both vids lol
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