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  1. Bears don't lose to kittycats lmfao. e-dating clan soup 

    1. Saucey


      when your ugly af irl all you can do is e-date LOL 

  2. word on the street: Sup paying invites to come to their trip. Talking about a shit clan LMFAO

  3. Thanks for the invite but ill be honest, too much stuff is locked in this discord channels for this clan and i wasn't in the clan for 5 minutes before someone wants to go on a rev pking trip....for me those just seem very nooby, yes they may be fun but you don't learn anything at all for pking u might as well call it pvm because no one fights back. im looking for a clan but i want some actual pkers not pvmers that go tb and bolt ppl that have no clue. no offense just not want im looking for thanks for the invite tho.

  4. Addy daddy weekends yesyes!!

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    2. Tirex


      imagine needing addy to compete in lpc scene, says enough about the clan youre in :)

    3. 'Jamie


      scene should've remained 1-13 def, 20-25 def is fucking bullshit lmfao

    4. 'Jamie


      scenes gonna die and everyone will be making new accounts sooner rather than later.

  5. @Alcher heheee smoked
  6. i smoked some tigers today.. 

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    2. Brock_Lesnar


      l000llmfaoifgesiuge-0g rage is ass.

    3. ChrisVision


      Cant wait to see that in your pov... oh wait no pov? 

    4. Alcher




      soup killed your clan don't forget

  7. yupyup @K0nt firing shots thats my bear brotherin
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