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  1. Feels good to be a big cocked bear tbh, 🐻

  2. 100 big dicked bears on 50 pussycatt dolls LMFAO and wasnt this kid crying when i scammed his hc 500m LMFAO still waiting on the bomb squad at my house @AK 4U
  3. Hey 3at, chins up brother u could have called a north south scim push like ev originalz. Imagine being compared with ev originalz... lmfao

  4. 🐻 on top. yet again

  5. nigga your high council is alcher. enough said LMFAO
  6. u make dutch ppl look bad man... stay away from the brew
  7. the question of today: Can edatemacy stop losing?
  8. @DilL so this is the k1dk0 of soup clan lmfao. this kid is retarded
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