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  1. I agree fom should stop bringing mains
  2. BackWoodsL

    Despite everything....

    obviously you should be up opts in the fight if you start up 50. Too bad you guys broke so easily and started losing opts instantly while Apex gained and ended up fucking fom for hours
  3. BackWoodsL

    Despite everything....

    you were up 50 opts at the start obviously you should have more in game. too bad you member broke so easily and started dropping after 30minutes while we gained and fucked fom for hours
  4. BackWoodsL

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    and then you lost cause your weak ass fom members mentality broke as easily as you did
  5. BackWoodsL

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    you got smoked down 50 lmao. first trip of the year fom ended without even attempting to fight the superior shark clan without being up 50 opts
  6. BackWoodsL

    The Graphic Destruction Of FOE [IN HD]

    Apex winner clan
  7. BackWoodsL

    Apex Scared?

    Apex outlast and smoked fo down 50 this weekend, previous weekend fo wont even fight Apex down a few opts when we had 200 lmao! sounds like fom is shook rn
  8. BackWoodsL

    some1 update me plz

    Apex clearly superior clan beats fo down 50 this weekend. fo wouldn't even fight us down when we had 200 last weekend lmao
  9. Big action was fun . Drop the mains fo
  10. BackWoodsL

    pure account ex-mf looking for a warm home

    don't join fi or foe
  11. BackWoodsL

    weekend MISFITS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ft. 180 Big Beezzzz

    gz MF. thanks for the action FOE was fun
  12. On this glorious Sunday the BeeHive becomes 2 years old! To think that we opened to be a pk team and 2 years later we're still open. Nigga Zee is happy We pulled a humble 180 PrimeTimeKillaBzzzzzz / 139 on our TS The fight was against the entire community. Ranging about 40 levels of the wilderness from Spider hill, to Boneyard, to Pond, to CA and on. It became an hour or so long cluster, mostly against fo. Good shit for actually fighting us as we dominated most of the fight for the entirety of the trip. We expected the main and cancer but who gives a fuck about that when you pull 100+ and only care about action. We kept fighting until we finally cleared EVERYTHING in CA. But don't take my word for it, let the vidz do the talking haha Thanks to everyone in the pure scene who came out and let us have our 2 year anniversary event. Thanks to all the killer Big Bz for pulling massive today for the 2 years. Big thanks to the MF HQ for putting in work day in and out to make this happen. (Gratz on 2B Drop party btw) Pk team to PrimeTimeKillerBeez - #M on my Chest my guy Facts OI_VC JAYA POV PAPA DOC POV ROB POV WHITE PAGE POV BRYAN POV KMAN POV
  13. BackWoodsL

    midweek Misfits Vs Hydra 2x pkri

    Misfits wild btw
  14. BackWoodsL

    weekend Misfits Vs IR Ft. ~ Big Return Fight

    why end while Misfits and IR clan have big wildy action?u got smoked today lmao
  15. BackWoodsL

    midweek Misfits doesn't pull out on FI ez clears

    @Elve you got smoked loser