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  1. Thessalia

    weekend Fearless P2P Sunday Ft GWASING SEASON

    those xp drops in fally tho.. 🐷
  2. Thessalia

    midweek Fearless F2p Tuesday Cluster Ft R,Fi,LY,Cd,Sup

    oink oink
  3. Thessalia

    midweek Fearless F2p Tuesday Cluster Ft R,Fi,LY,Cd,Sup

    pigs so ownage lol
  4. Thessalia

    Dear CD

    CD get smoked 3-0 in CWA and loses at their own main game in wildy.. gl if u really want it LMFAO.
  5. Thessalia

    Dear CD

    kinth busy celebrating bday in DC but still winse. confirmed. finally some main action abdullah's turn to see some real mains lmfaoo 🤡
  6. LY is legit all suiciders lmfaoooo no wonder they needed +20 in f2p (still took them 5 mins to clear)
  7. u had 49 in chann we had 27 l0l0l then u got smoked in revs... yikes enjoy the camp ty action
  8. Thessalia

    cwa Fearless vs Legacy | F2P Prep | 3-0

    strong day for legacy
  9. Thessalia

    weekend BP's Sunday Trip

    nice wild vid! keep fs name outta ur 4n mouths or camp
  10. Thessalia

    weekend Fearless F2p Saturday taking on a 1v2

    l0l omg
  11. Thessalia

    Legashit Threatens CD With Mains

    legacy really fucked up this time l0l yikes clans never learn