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  1. Thessalia

    cwa [NRG] Energy vs. Immortal ~ 45v45 F2P Prep ~ 3-0

    mostly bluegangster who died in nrg clump lmfao retard.
  2. Thessalia

    cwa [NRG] Energy vs. Immortal ~ 45v45 F2P Prep ~ 3-0

    #1 xlpc btw. also how many vidders do we have l000000l
  3. Thessalia

    midweek Energy vs Immortal PKRI

    xlpc litttt
  4. Thessalia

    Energy Monday [Jan 15th] Ft. XL, TP, Outlaws

    most active xlpc itd be nice if these kids crying about us fighting 50s would actually come out and give us a tussle... pussies.
  5. Thessalia

    Very sad doxer clan!

    danny ruined foe's name and reputation lmao how pathetic
  6. Thessalia

    unofficial Energy | Unofficial Saturday Trip <3

    l0000000000000l rampage?? u realize only a few joined and btw i could say cp + ob + rp (by ur logic) are all in imt.. pipe down
  7. Thessalia

    unofficial Energy | Unofficial Saturday Trip <3

    we recruited 0 people, and barely spammed people to get on lol instead of all these people crying they should be recruiting..yikes @ everyones mentality xl is currently #2
  8. Thessalia

    Regarding the Pure Community

    too many big egos/foe and apex need to both split up into new clans or scene will die
  9. also were killing all in the scene why would we not hit xl/tp etc
  10. u realize venom never opened and tribe = energy we were just trying to figure out names l0l nice shitty propaganda and losing topic xoxo
  11. so noxi (60s), od (60s) and fh (60s) werent our lvl today? interesting.. imt got smoked yesterday in wildy and 2-0 in a prep but they arent our combats either right? autist.
  12. if thats what #1 looks like then yiiiikes haha