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  1. Thessalia

    weekend Rage's Sunday Revenge / Putting CP Back in the Grave

    easiest 1v2 of my life
  2. most active most hated
  3. Thessalia

    oi imt lol

    rag nrg
  4. all clans had nice pure action vs nrg minus main clan imt.. not offing btw
  5. IMT ACTUALLY THOUGHT THEY COULD RAG EX FS L00000000000000000000000L
  6. Thessalia

    this is just a warning lol xd

    remember we rag for fun :--) u made us do our hobby gz imt l0l
  7. Thessalia

    this is just a warning lol xd

    none of this wouldve happened if imt didnt decide to rag EX FS MEMBERS LOOOOOOOOL stupid kids
  8. Thessalia

    this is just a warning lol xd

    the year of the pig. pipe down imt
  9. Thessalia

    Hows that for some Damage?

    Abdullah returns.
  10. Thessalia

    weekend Team Zen Sunday Shenanigans

    nj my dudes
  11. WHY DID U POST THIS LOSING TOPIC LMFAOOO.. the number of cut clips and clips in singles.. nice shitty propaganda