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  1. dont flame mustafa or ill be forced to become active. this is ur last warning!
  2. looks like apex members are like apex ranks, unable to respond well when put under pressure! unlucky buddy try again next time wahahahaha (ir closed apex irrelevant btw)
  3. says a lot about a clan when they make excuses for giving up and sucking in a server wahahahahahaha no wonder why apex slumped so hard! btw nice try lil guy wahahahaha supremacy wins again
  4. 4 hours ago, Tango Wins Again said: ir ded id be confused if i were u too wahahahaaha feels good to be number 1 baby!!!
  5. ir ded id be confused if i were u too wahahahaaha
  6. imagine not being trusted by ur rank team to run a clan so they close instead wahahahahahaha now the leaks all make sense get off my topic random lmfao!!!! in 10 years from now two things are for certain: 1) you'll know who we are whilst you'll be nothing and no one to us 2) supremacy stays winning wahahahahaha
  7. damn i closed ur clan and i didnt even have to log on runescape wahahahaha
  8. 10 hours agoEdgi 6 hours until we get #1 f2p Tango didnt know u were still in sup 2 hours ago
  9. dont u realise? weak people follow the same pattern aka u: get rank in clan, clan dies, repeat wahahaha
  10. damn would not want to be u right now!! hope your vacation from runescape was enjoyable and glad that you can take the time to close shit clan ir and become a rank in another 1 wahahahahaha
  11. lmfao weak mentality this is why you never have and never will amount to anything, once a rat knee bender always a rat knee bender
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