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  1. Indi

    xlpc UPRISING XLPC [60-65CB]

    ah yes
  2. Indi

    hej broxx my scottish brother

    ur not invited @pkeru u fucking egg head
  3. All the piggies are coming home to enjoy the excited world of low level pure guilding

  4. Indi

    1 word to describe each clan

    I got u OB - as ded in lpc as they were in xlpc
  5. it feels good to bully a 75cb cap clan when my clan is capped at 65

  6. I love rivalries with ev/bv freest smoke in runescape.com pure guilds

  7. they still haven't found the real leak, sorry @G U L F

  8. l00l ur still upset I bullied u out of iv now ur slaving as a trial rank for a dead clan
  9. Ps I was never in eop u egg head @Pkeru300
  10. That’s what I meant when I said the way u speak gives me cancer. So 4n lmfao
  11. Never even talking about the audio. I’m closing ur clan so u can spend more time with ur kids. You’ll thank me later.