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  1. Ur clan cant pull 40 to clan wars unless its weekend. Keep telling lies to your members yikes
  2. 5:30 good time to put that picture on cause that was the time you got cleared If u upload an audio leak , make it good plox l0l
  3. i know something about you that you dont
  4. Mithril

    pure Big D**k Clan EoP Crushes dogsh*t clan fom

    At revs l0l is that best you can do
  5. U legit told every1 that youre 30 and have 3 kids ? No wonder why u getting flamed..
  6. I wanted to join eop as a pure then i noticed they only accept mains..akward..
  7. L000000000000l look at this nerd , rumors are spreadimg that this kid spent 16h making this topic also 31 hours scrolling through logs lmfa00000000 , how retard can somebody be?? Bitch thinks that some logs can affect a clan , i bet 1/10 people only read this topic l0000l. Retard probably feels proud now lmfaoooo. My fucking god l000l
  8. Pleaseeee no plsss , i am skerd of intense retards plss no hurtt. Dipshit keep rolling ur eyes over this chat 24/7 , seems like youre tough on the internet , bet u some skinny pussy who smells like piss and lifts keyboards l000l
  9. So you use other clans name in YOUR name ? L000000000000000000l. Nice iq im not even in foe
  10. Apex u tryna flame foe with audio that ir leaked? Bru on the pic u have 23 people l0000l? Why u even flaming other clans when u make no impact against other clan like 4real u did ft 50 vs a main clan last week lmfa0
  11. What the fuck is this propaganda lmfao?