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  1. Ob reopening next week to close dead fs clan. Apps are open.


  2. Ob reopening to close dead fs clan. Apps are open.


  3. https://discord.gg/w7Vd95s

    Ob reopening stay tuned

    1. ceZa


      As LPC yea?! If the scene is about to be dumb litty yo!

    2. WarChild


      we panthers bby

  4. @Pkeru stop acting like a big guy, youre a nobody in foe. People didnt like u in ob , they dont like in foe.
  5. U telling me u wasted few hours to type 10 words? LOL
  6. Legacy toxic clan lmfao , ddosed me 3 weekends. This is what u get when youre toxic. Leaking fatalitys irl aswell
  7. L0l cant compete vs big clsns now gotta fight inner clans? Xd + ur not even allowed cus look the flames u flames u guys spam , looking at ur ydays pov i see ur clan flames everybody that u kill. Sad nh clan
  8. Ur clan cant pull 40 to clan wars unless its weekend. Keep telling lies to your members yikes
  9. 5:30 good time to put that picture on cause that was the time you got cleared If u upload an audio leak , make it good plox l0l
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