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  1. so wait, a snipe team wearing our cape [hitting us] is our snipe unit? but 4-5 rune pures with your cape hitting us isnt your mains? let's wake the fuck up
  2. https://youtu.be/6Qo4mOrXAqE @smokepurpp I think they're all flagging my video for copyright because they dont want the world to see them get shit on
  3. I find this funny, peep this real quick. https://gyazo.com/79672aebc6f127e50788ba323abc0f63 your leader pming drunk saying "we had 40 at corp hill" while we're sitting on corp hill? i don't see 40 white dots, I think you logged out and were sprinting to a diff video game.. maybe 40 on world of warcraft but on osrs man we beat you retards in the head with a bat over and over and over, do you forget who closed rampage?
  4. Our first fight was an easy clap, they tried to keep returning (while having snipe teams hit us from the opposite side and mains in their capes hitting us) but like a flame, we suffocated them. They claimed they had "40 at corp" when we won, but as you can see in my video, they had 3 people running north from certain death 3v35. 1-0 Immortal Our second fight was about an hour long, still continued with the snipe teams and the level 70s/80s in full rune hitting us with their capes on. But again, we kept shutting them down over and over and over. There was a small portion of this fight (about 3 minutes) where we were out of food because we had been punishing them for so long without dying or banking, we dropped to about 15 people and made a rotation . Once we fully regrouped at corp we easily buried them in the dirt as they ran south west and proceeded to log out claiming it was "1-1" (while they were being hit by 30 IMT members) 2-0 Immortal Gf divine thanks for the action.
  5. @smokepurpp it's always the shitty randoms in clans who think they can compete that talk the most smack. weird
  6. @jay. look at the video, look at the cape counter, you're up 8 from start, then just watch your cape counter decline,.. and decline... and decline.. not a single rampage member is under level 60, while 80% of our ml is 57-58 cb xD - * and still won btw xd still undefeated btw xd
  7. also, odd how when we right click the pile all we see is orange and red from rampage, guess when we match CB they wont even stand a chance 😕
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