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  1. Tbh xLPC was a flame free scene until IMT/Divine/Energy joined. You guys brought the LPC toxicity with you. Glory hunters man..
  2. We messaged IMT for a mini and that’s who showed up in IMT capes. You should talk to them about it if they are misrepresenting themselves.
  3. AP vs. IMT Ended the set 3-0 on a huge comeback down 10 in the FT 25 round. AP vs. NRG Ended the set 2-1 with a couple of close rounds. Ended up topping them out in the PKRI round. Thanks for the fights guys. Awesome that we're keeping up the active midweek mini scene. Until the next.
  4. Swip

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    so cringe..
  5. Swip

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    gl guys, great to see more clans getting active
  6. "your clan is dogshit" - *teams with the cucks of xLPC xL. Look at your vid dude, it's fucking pathetic.
  7. LMFAO you guys made a topic about this? The video just shows you clearly teaming with xL and crashing AP - sick POV. Big yikes
  8. Swip

    lpc Fearless Reopens as LPC ~ Year of the Pig ~ F2P Legacy Clan

    hmm okay gl
  9. Swip

    Any IMT Rank+

    Come on man it's xLPC. Why are you guys trying so hard?
  10. Swip

    fo needs Jamz back

    @Cleezynot flaming, just curious. Any response to this? It's accurate and makes your argument seem hypocritical.