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  1. Best rivalry imt vs divine best f2p Wildy fight imt vs divine + nrg best f2p prep imt vs divine for colm
  2. In my unbiased opinion u have a lot of anger for a clan that has only taken u serious. This is a serious matter, no one wants to see clans closing.
  3. With the end of 2019 right around the corner, zenith is already having internal disputes going into 2020 without even being open. Zeniths opening trip is rumored to be the 4th/5th of January but idk if they will even last until then, what are your thoughts? https://youtu.be/Zgl6_jNuPoI
  4. Yikes seems like you got mad I stated my opinion, unfortunately legacy had two of the best callers on and they just outclassed rage+cd teaming
  5. Congrats on the losing topic cd, I watched legacy’s pov and saw you get cleared 2vs1
  6. Nice losing topic. Watched legacy’s POV and you guys got cleared. Unbiased opinion
  7. Ahh yes, congrats legacy looks like rage+Cd got outclassed on f2p Saturday.
  8. Right... I wouldn’t want to admit I was brown either. But unfortunately you all have poor banter And I’m starting to smell curry through my phone.
  9. Your skin looks like the color of diarrhea and stink of curry that’s worse then the actually diarrhea. Stop using google translate to speak the winning American language.
  10. Could an American double check the foreign slaves topics before he actually gets to post it, that would be great. I had to take some Advil for the headache I got attempting to read this.
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