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  1. hotkeying

    GG WaR - former WaR officer

    and as always, the Supremacy vultures will be there to pick up the pieces of another dying clan LOL
  2. hotkeying

    2v2 xLPC fullout - Who will win?

    slush promotes the xlpc clans because they are good doggys and post on his site
  3. FOE - they were pulling 40s at the start of the year and are now actually relevant
  4. hotkeying


    preps exist, they just don't get posted on ur site LOL
  5. Good to see you back after IR put you into retirement. Now you're in SUP slaving away like the rest of the px cucks LMFAO.
  6. hotkeying

    Apex Hosting

    keep hiding on a troll acc you obsessed fucking freak LOL
  7. hotkeying

    Apex Hosting

  8. hotkeying

    A funny / sad fact

    who won the last p2p prep tho
  9. #Salso4Leader - we appreciate you buddy!

  10. hotkeying


    instead of making a publicity topic and not doing anything, why not just demote her and not make a topic about it? Actions speak louder than words, but as always Sharkbrew will do nothing when Supremacy ranks dox/ddos etc