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  1. SUP were too demoralised from getting scim pushed to singles 9 times on Saturday so they didn't bother stepping into multi/out of lobby on Sunday. Unfortunate but not unexpected considering the quality of SUP's leadership.
  2. Feels bad knowing SUP got fucked so hard they had to go use FO capes again. Your dog shit clan killed two people in a prep against an xlpc. Absolute shitter clan
  3. IR cleared SUP and pushed them to help FOE and they still lost??? How bad are these guys LMAO
  4. What did I say guys FO and SUP are crumbling. Not very good clans tbh
  5. No need to be jealous of my free time, good looks and mountains of expendable cash. Unlike you guys who need to work 2 jobs at minimum wage, I get to shitpost and laugh at you guys on a beach in paradise. Nice rumours though, I didn't know it took 16 hours to copy and paste a topic from https://www.ir-rs.com/index.php?/topic/11115-phase-4-end-of-an-error/ Keep thinking whatever you need to make yourselves feel better though.
  6. Bro you really have to stop taking this game so seriously, its hurting your small brain to a point where you're illiterate.
  7. Reuploading pics don't work either so if you want the missing pics come check it out at https://www.ir-rs.com/index.php?/topic/11115-phase-4-end-of-an-error/ Post an intro and an app if you wana join a great clan like IR.
  8. Needed like 2 or 3 refreshes for me to see most of the images for some reason.
  9. As some of you may know, a recently departed admin of the Supremacy clan has decided to release Discord admin logs dating back to June 18th of this year. The conversations that take place in these logs are juicier than we ever could have hoped for, and they show a reeling Supremacy clan that essentially already has one foot in the grave. What you read in this post should come as no surprise to you. Supremacy is who we thought they were - a cesspool of toxic DDoS'ers, doxxers, and the socially inept. As a note to those of you who may be providing intel to this dying clan, let this be your last and only warning. Our intelligence gathering is far superior to that of other clans. The valuable data that was provided to us today is quickly helping us find out exactly who you are. This is your last and only chance to come clean and be spared. However, if you so choose to ignore these warnings that we are providing you, let it be known that we will find you. Enjoy and let us know what your favorite quote is. Salso is the leak. Featuring: Kim - Culture - Supremacy Elder sarah - Pizza Delay - Supremacy Warlord (pedo) Crafted - ImCrafted - Supremacy Elder Salso - Allez Allez - Supremacy Council / Phoenix Leader Jamer - Under Mayh3m - Supremacy Elder / Phoenix Warlord Supremacy - Join Sup - Supremacy Leader Hebi - Hebae - Supremacy Elder z z - z z wins - Supremacy Elite Six. - Aysix/Siik0 - Former Supremacy Warlord Alkerr - Alkerr - Supremacy High Council Jizzle - suckurmother - Supremacy Council Spiral - Supremacy Council / Phoenix High Council --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A feeble attempt at creating ragging bots to hit Intense Redemption warriors ... Supremacy has been using amateurish OSBot scripts in order to maximize their mains potential on weekends. Now that we know this, you should make it your mission to mass report their mains for botting when time allows during trips. I'll let you all be the judge as to whether or not these bots provided any value during the recent F2P weekend trips. So it begins ... We begin to see the cracks show in the Supremacy clan, with trips beginning to fade and ranks becoming concerned with clan morale. Supremacy promotes, and revels in the fact that other clans use dox information against us ... This should not come as a surprised to anyone. Supremacy rank advises their leadership on what to do if IR comes to hit them ... As many of you know, Supremacy was hyping up November 2nd as a day of hype. It turns out it was all a ruse ... Supremacy leader 3at recognizes that they cannot, and will not ever be #1 or beat IR ... Supremacy deciding to ditch quality in order to try and gain numbers to try and fight IR ... Alkerr lead trips are continually garbage ... Reality sets in that they are losing people and unable to fill the holes they left ... Supremacy leadership shows zero respect to the clan who supplied them with fresh members during a time of need ... Supremacy admits that IR is not only better than them in the wilderness, but outside of it as well ... Supremacy warlord who planted an account in our clan (and who was quickly discovered) comments positively on our inners ... Supremacy members wising up and jumping ship ... Salso the doxxer This picture speaks for itself ... As we move into the logs from Sucktober, we see that the Supremacy realizes that they're forever below us and stand no chance. They know that the end is nigh ... Morale continues to drop to all time lows, as Supremacy leadership attempts to rally the clan by killing a few mains at GDZ for over 10 minutes after being obliterated by IR ... Nope cant fight IR today guys... Desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures, but Supremacy clearly takes that too far by DDOSing their own members ... Don't worry, we know you're ending to avoid us anyway ... We're glad to see that you know your place Alker ... You didn't smoke IR. Glad to see someone with some sort of brains in Sup ... Supremacy only on Phase 1 If only we had proof of Supremacy using mains. Ah, oh well, they would never be foolish enough to admit it ... Happy one of our Members were doxxed Referring to the dossing that happened earlier in the year by Kim... We cant keep saving Foe... 3at thinks highly of his memberbase ... As we enter Phase 3, we see the cards begin to fall and the Supremacy clan continues to crash and burn ... Pizza Delay/Zachary finally opens up about his past ... The crumbling continues ... Without 3at active to reign in the retards, the clan crumbles further and further ... And ranks begin to bail ... The realization that they will never be on top sets in once again ... In conclusion ... We'd like to thank the Supremacy admin whistleblower for sharing these logs with the pure community via our friends in EOP. Without his or her contributions, all of the laughs we're now sharing would never have been had. On top of the laughs and good times, we've accomplished the following (and more): Engaged in productive dialogue with Jagex moderators regarding the bot ragging of our trips on Saturdays, and the request of punitive measures to be taken against the Supremacy clan. The discovery and identification of a snake or two within our clan. We know who you are, and you will not be let off lightly if you do not approach the IR rank team within 24 hours of this posting. The admin leak had no issues selling you out and we're appreciative of this. We have acquired evidence that our tactics are working in bringing the Supremacy clan to their knees. They dread us, they run from us, but IR still arrives.
  10. Instead of trying to revive varrock ditch pking why not incentivise pking at edge multi like back in 2009. Right now singles pkers don't really know that varrock east pking is a thing and if they did, they couldn't be fked running all the way over there for a few mins of action. Bringing it to edgeville multi would inform singles pkers that it still exists, hopefully advertising the xLPC scene to them.
  11. How could it possible that you are this dense. Surely you would think that this name was chosen prior to Apex ever being a clan?? But then again you are an even lower IQ SUP member so not surprising. Keep your eyes peeled, we got some juicy stuff that'll close your shitty clan for good.
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