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  1. h3ad burner

    Step in the right direction

    me too
  2. h3ad burner

    Nawe presents: Quality of Shitpremacy

    hmm u are brown @nawe lol
  3. h3ad burner

    lpc DMK ~ P2P Team ~

    yes dmk strong and big dicks
  4. h3ad burner

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    well to be fair @Moni u and robby count as 2 so it was almost matched
  5. h3ad burner

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    take access from wilderness from skill total worlds also take access to wilderness from 50% of worlds make this shit active again cbf going revs 24/7 that shit boring af less worlds = more randomly running into a little team of pkers
  6. h3ad burner

    Nominating callers for GMT/EST event

    Which team?: GMT Nominate 1 Primary caller and 3 backups Primary Caller: Salso Backup:Jamz fill with whatever
  7. h3ad burner

    Who is the best mini warrer?

    i think this @Lemons guy
  8. h3ad burner

    Smartest clan leader? Battle of the brains

    @Salso when hes active
  9. h3ad burner

    announcement GMT Vs. EST Cwa Event Time/Day poll (LPC)

    lmfao est gets the quick hands
  10. h3ad burner

    cwa GMT vs EST pure event

    @Jaimy he stealin the idea
  11. h3ad burner

    Penguins vs MF

    another clan got the quick smoke by big penguin team [2-0]