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  1. h3ad burner

    banned for being too toxic?

    So i got banned from the SB NH tourny for being too toxic? I didn't even flame at all lately just banned no pm nothing made a topic b4 got deleted within a hr so slush told me to make a new one so yea
  2. h3ad burner

    lpc DMK ~ P2P Team ~

    yes dmk strong and big dicks
  3. h3ad burner

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    well to be fair @Moni u and robby count as 2 so it was almost matched
  4. h3ad burner

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    take access from wilderness from skill total worlds also take access to wilderness from 50% of worlds make this shit active again cbf going revs 24/7 that shit boring af less worlds = more randomly running into a little team of pkers
  5. h3ad burner

    Nominating callers for GMT/EST event

    Which team?: GMT Nominate 1 Primary caller and 3 backups Primary Caller: Salso Backup:Jamz fill with whatever
  6. h3ad burner

    Penguins vs MF

    another clan got the quick smoke by big penguin team [2-0]
  7. h3ad burner

    Who is the best mini warrer?

    i think this @Lemons guy
  8. h3ad burner

    Smartest clan leader? Battle of the brains

    @Salso when hes active
  9. h3ad burner

    announcement GMT Vs. EST Cwa Event Time/Day poll (LPC)

    lmfao est gets the quick hands
  10. h3ad burner

    cwa GMT vs EST pure event

    @Jaimy he stealin the idea
  11. h3ad burner

    Penguins vs Sup

    Penguins back from summer vacation smoking Sup in a 7+ opts mini 2-0 in sets 4-0 rounds
  12. h3ad burner

    showcase Izad's Showcase #1

    way better than a year ago in px nice progress
  13. h3ad burner

    Eruption of Pures vs. Apex ~ 16v16 P2P Mini ~ 2-1

  14. h3ad burner

    team Team BeNeLux! De Nederlands talige prep/cw team!

  15. Eop too strong the 6 win streak
  16. @Unbeatable u see me in tourny like this
  17. Name: H3ad RSN: Dressrosa CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): h3ad burner#3675 Youtube/Twitch/etc (If you win it will be mentioned publicly and on the winning topic) head burner yt chan
  18. h3ad burner

    baby pure pkay deep

    nice vids
  19. h3ad burner

    zinzura/amenti/badiator for 40m

    the real knikker
  20. h3ad burner

    Pk vid

    cool vid