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  1. yes dmk strong and big dicks
  2. well to be fair @Moni u and robby count as 2 so it was almost matched
  3. take access from wilderness from skill total worlds also take access to wilderness from 50% of worlds make this shit active again cbf going revs 24/7 that shit boring af less worlds = more randomly running into a little team of pkers
  4. Which team?: GMT Nominate 1 Primary caller and 3 backups Primary Caller: Salso Backup:Jamz fill with whatever
  5. another clan got the quick smoke by big penguin team [2-0]
  6. Penguins back from summer vacation smoking Sup in a 7+ opts mini 2-0 in sets 4-0 rounds
  7. way better than a year ago in px nice progress
  8. So i got banned from the SB NH tourny for being too toxic? I didn't even flame at all lately just banned no pm nothing made a topic b4 got deleted within a hr so slush told me to make a new one so yea
  9. Name: H3ad RSN: Dressrosa CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): h3ad burner#3675 Youtube/Twitch/etc (If you win it will be mentioned publicly and on the winning topic) head burner yt chan
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