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  1. Was a good anni thanks to all the old faces for stopping by ! And gz foe for the 1 hour return fight
  2. `Prod

    midweek Misfits Vs Hydra 2x pkri

  3. make an easy 15m this sunday  for your locations ! pm Prod #2336

  4. `Prod

    midweek Misfits doesn't pull out on FI ez clears

    i fuck with you but elves propaganda machines needs to relax l0l
  5. Just prep me... stop making excuses and back up all the shit you talk
  6. Noxi declined a prep I've asked for for 4 weeks now and now uses the 2 v 2 as an excuse to starve there rivals..  weak leadership 

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    2. MAGICfrmda6


      shut the fuck up prod, no one even takes ascent seriously you kids are a joke 

    3. Satans


      Nice deflection

      Expected better from the guys at Ascent for some reason, but still seems to be the same old eternal open and close shit-show that has become a meme, retards lol

    4. Lankz


      4 hours ago, lnfamous Jet said:

      U pulled out cuz ur a beta bish


  7. Noxious prep ascent 25 v 25 min 

    NO invites 1-5def no exceptions.  


    Put your money where your mouth is. I'll be waiting for your reply 

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    2. `Prod


      8 hours ago, Cody9204 said:

      You backed out of a 2v2 then ask for a prep right after?

      HA 🤣

      Your a sharkbrew warrior Idc what you say lmfao nice post count 

    3. Cody9204


      Don't get so upset @`Prod :Amusing:

    4. Satans


      13 hours ago, Cody9204 said:

      You backed out of a 2v2 then ask for a prep right after?

      HA 🤣


  8. You didnt post the part where you declined a 1 v 1 prep from ascent tho ... keep hiding
  9. I started clanning in 2k16 and joined sb in 2k17 ; I closed your clan in 2k18 wuu2
  10. Shitty when clans close ; you could also rebuild and keep going but good luck with wherever you go next Www.misfits-rs.com all war welcome except marcsaw you fucking suck .
  11. `Prod

    GG WaR - former WaR officer

    Nice closing topic rat LMFAO I bullied you out of your clan how does that feel
  12. l0l cause u retards couldnt hang in f2p.... imagine winning the only fight vs sup with an mf caller HAHAHAHAHA