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  1. He seems mad that fatality shit all over apex in the wilderness today.. Unbiased gz fi
  2. Imt excuse generator .. @jay.you really breaking these rat goofs loooool
  3. `Prod

    Hows that for some Damage?

    Abdullah gang
  4. `Prod

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    For someone as smart as you your a fucking idiot ; atop getting baited into opening again lmfao
  5. `Prod

    lpc Fearless Reopens as LPC ~ Year of the Pig ~ F2P Legacy Clan

    Big if true
  6. Take my hand and come to resurgence @Pug
  7. `Prod

    A Step in the Right Direction

    If this actually works I'll be extremely impressed were all for the most part grown ass men and women no reason we cant act like it and still have fun competition
  8. `Prod

    Control Pker gwassed by NRG | Audio leak

    Lmao it's too easy
  9. `Prod

    pure Nox #1 recruiter

    when did apex ever rival envy l0l wtf
  10. right ... dudes just tryna get some epussy
  11. Nrg on top baby ; ty imt for the prep
  12. Another day another win it's really to easy
  13. XL cleared down 11 to deleted from the wildy was easy
  14. `Prod

    Dynasty | New LPC | Welcome to our kingdom

    Goodluck boys
  15. `Prod

    lpc Critical Damage Returns - 75-101 Combat LPC

    Waiting for contract
  16. Ty 4 tussles imt and co.
  17. `Prod

    xlpc Tribe - xLPC SNIPE TEAM

    That was 4 years ago lmfao get over it
  18. `Prod

    2k19 - expect us

    No u