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  1. didn't apex beat you 36-0 from a matched 45v45 op battle? How would any of your members believe this propaganda then o.0? FI #1 p2p l0l
  2. currently 4-0 to apex embarrassing fights from foe, morale must be low.
  3. update: Final OWNAGE Eggs teleports out after a 10min return fight at level 11 wildy. FOE HQ - "Alright now teleport out and get ot edge! Spam apex cleaered!!"
  4. Final Ownage Eggs just got scrambled at 30's 2-0
  5. update: foe currently sitting in singles............... at mage bank L0L
  6. foe down 0-1 in a decisive fight ympc lost elder maul
  7. when you're just trying to get some friendly banter goingin foe (sorry SB discord)
  8. wow must be sad. Hope that OSRS lobby was entertaining today FOE.
  9. I'm genuinely just doing this for the community now - observe Marcus' thought process: >person proposes evidence + point as to why Marcus' is an awful player. >Marcus internal brain chews information. >Marcus ignores all substance and replies with retarded comment that has nothing to do with him being proved to be an awful player. M A R C U S noRestore M A R C S A W
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