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  1. The problem is that all you that were 12 in 2010 are now drugged out 18 year Olds listening to Lil pump and taking xans. The Pure community in 2010 was good not because of you 18 yr old kids who were 12 back then, it was good because of the ogs like me who were 20 at the time. All you little shits that are ranks now are to blame for the toxicity and lack of honor in the pure community. If you would learn respect and try to enjoy the game rather than ruin it for others, things would be 10x better. There is a reason people are opening non toxic pure clans. And the reason is you. And there's a huge difference between being soft, and trying to be an honorable Clan. There's nothing soft about Clan honor.
  2. Honestly though all pure clans should be non toxic. Egos are too big. That's why there are so few pure clans in the scene. It's all big dick contest that appeals to no one.
  3. Ahhh, the pure community. Good job Zee. Way to run a clan. Much Example. Creators of the 1 Def pure movement lool
  4. Maybe xlpc would be down. Scims?
  5. Could limit it to wind wave or something. Would speed it up a bit. Would be a blast if clans could drop their egos for an hour and let their members have some good fun.
  6. Any clans interested in an all out snowball war? Good OG runescape fun. Only air spells allowed. Would be a fun community event.
  7. Figured I should make an intro. Old school player, purist. Been in the clanning community since 2004. Always had pures but never got into pure Clanning much. Joined a few pure clans but was never really active. Most of my Clanning career was spent in community clans like Spiritz and Ashes of Zamorak. Probably unknown to most of you. I colead AOZ for a few years until close and then reopened it for a few years with a few members who were still active. I think the community has serious problems and I'm going to call all your bs out.
  8. Main clans are a lot more broad activity than pure clan. Pure clans do events, pking at revs, pking at gdz, pking here, pking there, pking. Main clans have some substance and do PVP and events that actually bring in gp and build accounts like raids and GWD.
  9. What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment? Not large enough Pvp base, toxicity in community. What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem? Include more in depth pvp on tutorial island for new players. Add a stake option to clan wars. Will give incentives for a clean clan war in the arena instead of these toxic wilderness pkris with multiple clans and mains. How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for? Not on shark brew.
  10. When's the last time there was an actual clean fight in the wilderness? That's the real question.
  11. That attitude is the core reason why the pure community is so toxic.
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