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  1. Sure since two sentences is an essay to you that won't be a problem. You can keep joking instead of doing what I said, but it will be at your own expense. You're still too scared to prep us. That alone speaks volumes about your level of confidence and quality.
  2. Why don't you stop posting on our threads and work on improving as individuals and as a clan. Maybe then your ranks won't have to make losing topics and refuse to prep us.
  3. No one in FI is mad lol we had a great weekend . The majority of unrelated community members see this topic for what it is, so why don't you stop lying to yourselves and own up to what needs to be done to improve as a clan.
  4. If there's one thing this clan needs to learn (and lets face it - there's a lot to choose from) it's how to take a loss. How else do you ever expect to learn and grow from the experience?
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