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  1. Rhet

    20 def movement?

    can't we all just play 88s
  2. I am asking as an experienced pure clanner with 0 knowledge of the main clan scene. How does it compare in terms of activity, competitiveness, time requirements and overall experience ? Obviously this won't apply if you have no experience with pure clans as a comparison. Which main clans are considered top tier in this era? What are the typical requirements for joining
  3. Rhet

    Clan Awards

    Most Mains Brought And Still Lost
  4. Rhet

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    well done boys
  5. Solid performance gentlemen
  6. Rhet

    In all honestly

    EOP = main clan
  7. funny to me how people make these wild claims and not a shred of evidence has been posted. Meanwhile SU had 80+ in their own capes yesterday... so how many exactly do u think they pulled if they had guys in foe capes aswell
  8. Rhet

    2v2 fullout?

    No two clans would accept vs FOE + SU in a legitimate noncapped full-out wilderness war because they know it wouldn't even be a fight. It's a shame really because it would be some good action.
  9. Rhet

    Who won?

    poll results are telling
  10. Nice win FOE, good to see some clean action from at least one side of this rivalry
  11. Which clan are actual rats whose presence is a disgusting pestilence on the scene . Please fully articulate your reasoning
  12. losing topic thanks for trying
  13. ITT: Delusional fantasies Fact: EOP put every last ounce of momentum they had left into keeping up with the big dogs. They didn't even come close.