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  1. Break


    you said no way more times than nox said get to edge, thats impressive
  2. Break

    Picture perfect

    foe cledared
  3. they brought 30 level 3's in their cape to sit on the fight, and still to this day think that it was okay in a clean,neutral rivalry
  4. Break

    Why do we clan?

    Trips haven't been about fun in the top4-5 lpcs since the scene reset in 2017, would love to see something about that change but right now clan ranks and leaders have a very low IQ and deprive other clans and their own members of certain aspects of action within the scene; that being preps, minis, midweeks, PKRIs. You have certain members in the pure community as a whole who have year old grudges against certain clans, or just don't care for the scene at all so they're bringing mains just to spite the clan they don't like to get a reaction out of them. Clan ranks should really try talking to each other instead of letting conversations devolve into a dick measuring contest for a 1 hour trip on the weekend that ultimately isn't fun, but a time waste to get a "win" that doesn't really solidify your clans quality nor it's ability to compete when you aren't even competing with strictly pures.
  5. it seriously can't be that hard to just stop using mains... even now where this topic discusses a clan pulling out of one of the days on the weekend that's most impacted by clans bringing mains, you have people just pointing fingers. stop it, get some help
  6. do u think most eop are capable of not playing on mains lol
  7. Break

    xlpc is lit

    That's insane
  8. Break

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    Interesting POV i'm sure your vidder will figure out how to fix the aspect ratio. Looks like good action #hydra
  9. Break

    pure hehe

  10. how hard is it for a clan to just not log into accounts over 20defence bro
  11. Break

    Hello Community of Gangstas

    hmmm what was your name in olympus my brother
  12. hmm is that the guy who bans me from eop discord when bbm begs for it? woof