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  1. Break

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    Interesting POV i'm sure your vidder will figure out how to fix the aspect ratio. Looks like good action #hydra
  2. Break

    pure hehe

  3. how hard is it for a clan to just not log into accounts over 20defence bro
  4. hey man let everyone join
  5. Break

    Hello Community of Gangstas

    hmmm what was your name in olympus my brother
  6. hmm is that the guy who bans me from eop discord when bbm begs for it? woof
  7. Break

    fuk me yas lmao

    hopefully both clans prep soon so we can see how they match up with 0 mains
  8. Break

    fuk me yas lmao

    yeah some people aren't the brightest
  9. clans are too lazy to recruit
  10. Break

    1 year ago...

    well UB was one of the clans with the best quality next to foe, it was only a matter of time before they started becoming fierce competitors, just a shame that things panned out like they did in the scene at the time, my dear friend mewhu
  11. Break

    Apex Hosting

    This is about the way a customer and his disciples decided to interact with someone across multiple platforms whom was providing them a service
  12. Break

    Apex Hosting

    nothing of what you have said is what this topic is about