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  1. Break


    spam lines of hahahahahahaha when you see sup
  2. The revised version without the coin/ags is nice. good work
  3. 2:15 - 2:50 all those 1bangs are sexy, good action
  4. Really upset that this wasn't a clickbait topic, would have been better than this banter
  5. This is the funniest thing i've read all day good one dude
  6. There's only 3 clans who don't bring mains in the wilderness right now and probably won't ever IMHO. last week they weren't this bad, I guess people think that anniversaries mean they can bring more mains than usual or something IDK runescape is weird
  7. Well deserved for kye, sad to see kim and IMK step down due to IRL obligations. hope you guys are successful in that and I would love to see you both back
  8. Were you not just crying about not getting invited to an event intended for clans that are definitely not your demographic?
  9. The recent tournament that's happened and is happening is intended for new clans in the scene and is run by the non-toxic pure clans, they've decided who gets to attend and who doesn't. If they consider your clan too old to attend and(or) having too many accounts past the combat cap/defence range, then, you're not getting into anything related to them so don't cry about it. Thanks -Break
  10. Break


    wow huge grats i'm here for +1
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