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  1. Break

    friendly F2P | Sunday

    Looks fun
  2. Break

    Who are the best warrers rn?

    I'm the best warrer on either server
  3. Break

    The End

  4. wow, not gonna say it wasnt expected.. but
  5. Break

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    foe turns their back too often on clans that have once helped them so I doubt they've would've gotten anyone to help them other than main clans who already have or have had problems with rot.
  6. Break

    update Discord Update

    Given the cancerous nature of discord these past few days we've been given numerous different opinions on how to deal with the cesspool of derogatory flames mainly directed from two clans. Many enjoy this sort of stuff while many do not, as such I have created a new channel #blast-furnace . This channel will be un-modded. The only rules for this channel will be strictly no doxing and no mass tagging. Do not be surprised if failure to comply with these two rules results in your immediate banning off the discord. Now this channel has been created we will be enforcing a more civil tone to #campfire and I implore everyone to move their grievances to the new channel. Failure to conform to these rules will result in you receiving the Peasant rank (the rank given when you are muted). Peasant rank will still have the ability to speak in #blast-furnace tl;dr If you don't conform, we'll make you conform. This will bring back a sense of normality to those looking to chat in campfire, while giving a platform for those of you who just want to shout and scream. -Sb Staff
  7. Good looking trip, nice action
  8. Break

    cwa MASSIVE 50v50+ BEST OF 200 WAR, WOW!!!

    gf we should prep soon
  9. Break

    99 runnerman

    cool account [sunglasses]
  10. Break

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    rage most unbiased, most improved, no mainers, big purers f2p clanning squadgang 2k19 poggies
  11. Break

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    sorry to inform you but rage best most improved f2p matched clw clan in pure clan history, 2k16-19 etc bro
  12. Break

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    rage won biggest rivalry of 2k16/17 next post plz
  13. Break

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    rage best matched f2p ever btw rt
  14. Break

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    xlpc 65 combat cap no mainers rager killer mainers bring mainers? die. no teamers, no mainers xlpc = action goodbye dum dumb smoked
  15. Break

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    we killed plenty of ppl, one of them being a kid called bryce [eyes]