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  1. I fucked up, but your situation and mine is completely different
  2. bro you are playing in full screen re sizable mode stop man imagine not playing fixed client
  3. bro you don't have to pretend to post as another clan rank, if sup is paying you to rag rage just do it no1 cares bro
  4. bro why are you pretending to be a rank in rage when you're some main clanner on a brand new account "meulemans"
  5. It's been over a year since we've last hosted an EST Vs GMT Clan Wars Event, we're doing another one and we would like to see how many people are interested. Vote on the poll and be sure to have your RSN tied to your sharkbrew account via your profile page VS Rules Date/Time:TBA 1-25Def Accounts First to 100 Maps: P2P- Plateau 3x F2P- Classic 2x, Plateau 1x Accounts will be checked for up to a week before the event happens so don't try getting in with an account that doesn't meet requirements.
  6. The end of your trip looked like this and you wrote a fictional story to go along with it, you've been teaming with ly and imperial for months. Using mains along the way lmfao, at the start of the rivalry where we laughed at your clan for hours and made you mad enough to try and rival us the first thing you did was bring 10-20 mains when rage had 0. Foe ranks/members can attest to your clan coming to rag rage on mains during a P2P Midweek between rage/foe very recently, and it's a real shame that every supremacy rivalry i've seen since 2015 has been supremacy in a main war. (there must be some common denominator in this problem, I can't figure it out... help me?). (The only proof of "rage" mains you have prior to this weekend was already debunked to be your own mains where you even mass poked members to join the cc, including my clans leak) 3 months later and we're still spamming "hahahaha" btw
  7. both clans are mutually being nh to eachother maybe leaders should pm eachother
  8. we literally used to fight foe down 30 when you were the highest pulling clan and getting no action
  9. wow who would have thought that corrupt pures staff would be acting in such a manner
  10. cringe post from a cringe clanner aka own u 1107 ot: this is the easiest 1v3 i've been apart of since 2015 lmfao keep it coming
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