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  1. was expecting more of a challenge from the 110 pures and 38 mains attacking my clan
  2. yh im not even gonna bother tryin to xlpc, just gonna be main infested in less than a month again
  3. sup hq must have been redirected to a library since they all quiet rn
  4. and the San Francisco shock take the entire tournament!!!!!!!!!

    1. Asuna


      expected more from the titans man

  5. tldr; clans spam at eachother and talk about eachothers ranks IRL details instead of fighting in the wilderness, it escalates to people saying that eachother are doing nh shit to eachother first with one elder of a clan making a topic threatening to start a dox war after one member of opposing clan was spamming IRL name of said topic maker in conclusion; waste of time propaganda talk between two clans that will continue to have spam wars that talk about eachothers ranks IRLs on the only official trips they have only to pretend they're victims when some random members on both sides get too into the beef
  6. Reminder that if you see anything that goes against the Rules Of Conduct, please use the report function on the topic or post

    1. Saucey


      Reminder that if you report a topic because you’re getting offended irl over this paint game, you should log off the internet

  7. Break


    spam lines of hahahahahahaha when you see sup
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