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  1. I though eop closed ? Grats on win
  2. Holydreams lmfao . gz on all the awards
  3. who's next? pipe up to the big birds and you get the hands.
  4. Daily reminder misfits loses & get destroyed in their own server every week by px. lmfao you suck ass

    1. `Prod


      I'm actually gonna cut you if you say "remember" instead of reminder one more Fucking time 

    2. Spiral
    3. Kanicus


      Yeah, no, PxK0P trips are trash and consist of edge bank spamming. 

      Hope you enjoy another 6 days of not being able to compete at all lol 


  5. Year of the phoenix , daily remember misfits is brown sticky stuff 

    1. `Prod


      It's reminder you fucking broccoli if your gonna flame atleast make sense 

    2. Erase


      30 minutes ago, P R O D said:

      It's reminder you fucking broccoli if your gonna flame atleast make sense 


  6. @Kanicus We had a ''good trip'' what about you ..
  7. Yeah , Respect from IR tho to fight down opts heh
  8. Best opening trip of 2018 , Ty IR for the fights
  9. Imagine piping up weeks just to cancel your trip as 1 server clan lmfaoo  2018 ~ Year of the Phoenix

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    2. Enza


      @exzrts You was an ob slave like a month ago; you played yourself rat. @K0nt instead of closing cause of inactivity we canceled a Sunday trip.. rage could've learned a thing or two from us haha. Oh and @Luciel wasn't you the fat asian kid jumping on the bed; this is why you get doxxed cause you talk too much.

    3. exzrts


      @Enza I remember I closed BV when I was in Outburst and now you joined Outburst slave heh. 



      butt hurt enza poor thing

  10. K0nt

    pure/midweek Destiny's Monday Funday

    Gratz Des