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  1. Impact was the greatest clan to ever grace this game you freaks get over it

  2. The Legendary Trile & Kingrange1934, Worldwide
  3. #2 scout Whoppa speaking the truth
  4. I dont give 2 crap about xlpc but i was there at the trip yday and you guys were teaming with AC and got pushed around then sent to clw... Gz on the Clan Wars Win though
  5. I am a free agent accepting xLpc Contract's. Please slide into my Dm's with your best offer, me and my lawyer will review the offer and get back to you ASAP

    1. Lord Ex
    2. Jail`


      I already cant die Irl or in rs, so that seems redundant but ty 

    3. Lord Ex

      Lord Ex

      join rp ill show u that u are not immortal

  6. who is Hank wtf l0l Hey its my friend Beaver Gee, Prince of the Gators
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