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  1. Impact was the best pure clan of all time, dont @ me

  2. Jail`


    Missing Kingrang3194 rn
  3. Why is your title a copy from ROT's topics on Zybez
  4. Jail`

    Who started this scene

    I cant tell if your serious or not, we smoked every XLPC and never lost a fight in clanwars (including bullying your clan to 15 pulls on weekends) then was the only clan to move up while the scene was still dominated by addy (we were all 1 def in robes) and still managed to compete.
  5. Jail`

    Who started this scene

    Ty @Jimi and @Pun you watch your mouth, put some respek on the greatest XLPC to ever live, Impact
  6. Jail`

    Tay Hussein

    Im probably the smartest rank to ever play runescape but that's just my logical and perfectly sounds opinon
  7. @Tannie If I remember you abandoned us because 4 people didn't get an AGS split. Check mate was EZ Jail #1
  8. you are the loving mother who spoils them, I am the father who beats them and molds them into strong warriors
  9. I gave birth to half of the rank team in Fearless @Tannie put some respek on it
  10. Jail`

    Are you ready?

  11. Jail`

    Are you ready?

    Xlpc scene consists of Envy v55/Bad Timing (what kind of name is that) and Ascent. Not enough competition to bring me out of retirement
  12. Jail`

    Are you ready?

    Literally never been more excited for anything in my entire life please sign me up