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  1. Shadows

    announcement SharkBrew Mini Tournament

    Good luck fellas
  2. Shadows

    announcement 2018 Sharkbrew Awards

    Congrats fellas. The Gfx look pretty nice.
  3. Good luck in whichever clans the people decide to join.
  4. Shadows

    announcement Promotions

  5. Shadows

    update Reputations & SharkPoints & New users

    Just need to trigger a few people to get free Sharkpoints.
  6. There are a lot of bragging rights at stake here. Good luck to all participants
  7. Shadows

    announcement Sharkbrew 10v10 Tournament Matchups

    Did something similar last time. Didn't go amazingly well. I can show you logs and all that if you'd like to see around it. I was given a few suggestions but things happened and a second event was not formulated. Timezones make some matches hard to agree on a time and several teams tried to play around the "default time" rule for free/cheap wins. Just a thought. Getting some ranks to speak to each other was also a problem, but I believe you fixed that with a discord chan which is great. You do you lol
  8. Shadows

    announcement Its Been A Pleasure

    Good luck Kim
  9. Shadows

    announcement Sharkbrew Main Tournament Round 2

    Round 2, good luck
  10. Shadows

    main tournament Renegades vs Team Trinity

    Good result, good luck in the tournament.
  11. Shadows

    announcement Respected Promotion

    Seems like a decent idea. This shouldn't be a monthly promo though. Grats