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  1. Shadows

    cwa Outrage Vs Supremacy ~ F2P Prep ~ 2-0

    Very nice win
  2. Shadows

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    Welcome back
  3. Shadows

    cwa Outrage Vs Legacy ~ F2P Prep (3-0)

    Grats fellas, looking good
  4. Shadows

    [XLPC] Outbreak 40-60CB

    Good luck fellas!
  5. Shadows

    announcement SharkBrew Mini Tournament

    Good luck fellas
  6. Shadows

    announcement 2018 Sharkbrew Awards

    Congrats fellas. The Gfx look pretty nice.
  7. Good luck in whichever clans the people decide to join.
  8. Shadows

    announcement Promotions

  9. Shadows

    update Reputations & SharkPoints & New users

    Just need to trigger a few people to get free Sharkpoints.
  10. Shadows

    My eSports Organization

    @Syracuse Thinking of taking new games sides Gears? Good luck with the team though
  11. There are a lot of bragging rights at stake here. Good luck to all participants