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  1. Good luck in whichever clans the people decide to join.
  2. Shadows

    announcement Promotions

  3. Shadows

    update Reputations & SharkPoints & New users

    Just need to trigger a few people to get free Sharkpoints.
  4. Shadows

    My eSports Organization

    @Syracuse Thinking of taking new games sides Gears? Good luck with the team though
  5. There are a lot of bragging rights at stake here. Good luck to all participants
  6. Shadows

    announcement Sharkbrew 10v10 Tournament Matchups

    Did something similar last time. Didn't go amazingly well. I can show you logs and all that if you'd like to see around it. I was given a few suggestions but things happened and a second event was not formulated. Timezones make some matches hard to agree on a time and several teams tried to play around the "default time" rule for free/cheap wins. Just a thought. Getting some ranks to speak to each other was also a problem, but I believe you fixed that with a discord chan which is great. You do you lol
  7. Shadows

    announcement Its Been A Pleasure

    Good luck Kim
  8. Shadows

    announcement Sharkbrew Main Tournament Round 2

    Round 2, good luck
  9. Shadows

    main tournament Renegades vs Team Trinity

    Good result, good luck in the tournament.
  10. Shadows

    announcement Respected Promotion

    Seems like a decent idea. This shouldn't be a monthly promo though. Grats
  11. Very pleased to see the backing. Good luck to all clans/teams.
  12. Shadows

    tournament Sharkbrew Main Tournament

    Interesting, good luck!