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  1. so remy and danny start another rivalry with zenith and then go mia. That's what happends when ur ranks all hate eachother. I wonder if leader k2p will finally make some decisions now.. L M A O dumb clan
  2. these kids actually hate eachother LOL also it comes to my attention that the only thing k2p(as leader) is allowed to do is doxing people
  3. check out some vids in aftermath and you'll see which clans do well in what area. And if your only here to have fun i'd suggest joining a clan that has a lot of action both clw and wild. Gl fam
  4. foe rank team hate eachother more than they hate other clans wtf is wrong with these retards
  5. big yikes lol but tbh you can tell by the way the girl replied to some stuff that she is lying lmao.
  6. apex boot this kid lmao look at this
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