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  1. Whoppa

    showcase Recent Showcase/Work #10

    Wheres my signature @Lenin???
  2. had a blast, thanks for the action everyone
  3. Whoppa

    Rage vs Apex | 16v16 | P2P 2-0

    🐻 owned
  4. Whoppa

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | P2P Prep [2-1]

    yee boi 🐻
  5. Whoppa

    Regarding PVP updates

    remove rev caves it killed the wild
  6. Whoppa

    Northern vs Fs f2p mini

    munqki always wins
  7. Whoppa

    Looking for Quality - 81Cb Maxed 1 def

    Basicly, see where the aussies are at and give them a shot fam. GL
  8. Whoppa

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

  9. The Bears massed up 50 for our saturday pk trip. Looking back at last weekend, we expected another day of being 1v2'd. Sadly imt left sko to die. Another solid performance today from our side. hope to get more competition tomorrow. s/o imt for not having a single fight in the wild today and losing in cw after sko for the fights however stop bitching and making excuses about tanks when u get the smoke in clean 1v1s Also gz xl on #2
  10. Whoppa

    weekend SKO Saturday Feast

    I don't get why you use this tank excuse, the 2 times we fought u there were none and u lost a clean 1v1 lol