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  1. "Quantity over quality" ass niggas l0l
  2. U literally dubbed urselfs as "legends of p2p" until we took that shit away from u lmao Now its "highest pulling wildy clan" or "quantity over quality" 😂💀
  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 Opposite year for fo?
  4. Did @Nerdy realy kick u from dmk?
  5. Those 6 p2p prep losses in the span of 1 year put u to sleep? L0l was easy
  6. U jump out of planes and lose to apex in p2p clw for a living
  7. Anton

    Will there ever be a more dominant era?

    When apex literally just opened? Now we've taken #1 p2p matched and fo cant do anything about it
  8. We will forever be #1 p2p matched lol Fo lost to siege (2 week clan made of ex aao/fi) and IR in 2 diff p2p preps whilst Apex is 26-1 in p2p preps this year
  9. lol talking about his own clan edit: @Crafted is forced to refresh our topic every 30 mins, take notes from our gameplay while ur at it
  10. but fo pulls 100s, all that matters lmfao. quantity>quality - garbage warring brainwashed fo member
  11. Anton

    Apex VS Pups (FOE) - 18v18 P2P Mini [4-0]

    Praising a clan that kicked you lmfao stay #3 p2p, you only have weekend pulls going for u 😂😂😂😂
  12. Anton

    Apex VS Pups (FOE) - 18v18 P2P Mini [4-0]

    Yes we are #1 p2p matched and you got kicked by dmk nerdy lmfao All facts buddy