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  1. Yeah i mean look at it from my point, ive never bought an account before ever, but through trusted friends in clans i thought i would give it a try for once, obviously now ive learned my lesson and will never do so again
  2. lol? bro im still 715 gbp down from paying him
  3. i gave him plenty of chances to pay me back before i put all this up, but he hasn't refunded me money for accounts yet
  4. was an almost fully maxed main, idk ive never bought account before, just tried it once through trusted friends
  5. on christmas day 2020 i bought an account off crank an almost maxed main, after playing it for almost 2 months i told my irl friend to buy the med, which he did and with a 930m that was on the account for me, a week later the account was recovered, shock, then after crank saying its rot who have hacked me or some stupid stuff, he wouldn't recover it and he claims they are hand made accounts, he kept coming up with excuses blaming other stuff, i had almost 1bil on the account, and after making alot of fuss about all this he decided to pay me back 1bil, but i was still 475 gbp and 240 gbp down in irl money which i used to buy the accounts
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