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  1. lmfao AV, faking killpics 1 week in already, guess this is what happens when AF/REV bully ROT out of the main scene. Sadstory.
  2. Stfu you dumb rot bolt slave lmfao, end urself like AV did 7 times in a row
  3. Ez slap, rot getting bullied outta main scene, need to get med and merge with 4 clans l0l
  4. lmfao eziest clear of my life, keep clumping open cc rats
  5. Big slap, tyff Res, shown who the #1 zerk/med/tank clan is in every timezone.
  6. SINGLE SPELLS LOOOOOOL dead clan lmfaoo single spells vs nonames hahahahaha
  7. Slapped the caves for hoursssss straight not a res in sight, but yet they claim theyre n1? We’re out 24/7 bossin the bracket. PS ur slave clan needed help, we were ass fucking SV the entire night.
  8. Fake propaganda clan, gz on clearin a 7 man smallman lmfao. Dumb mfers
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