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  1. Fake propaganda clan, gz on clearin a 7 man smallman lmfao. Dumb mfers
  2. Hahahaha, why are you this angry? Callin' people pedo's and stuff surely wasn't the way you were going to fix the current clan scene was it?
  3. Seem angry my dude, calling people a newfag hahaha, you really are delusional
  4. l0l, alrdy broken, took me 3 days lmfao. Stay ez kid. Maybe you'll get promoted to actual member in Res any day soon!-
  5. Stop barking, back in your cage doggie.
  6. Hahahaha you must be very gullible then, if you can't spot a facade when its starin you into the eye.
  7. l0l, bro we literally raped you for 1 hr straight last week, ur own members admitting to it. You're kicking people in paranoia. You had mfers sucidin 10-15x before you called SV, stop acting innocent u dumb mfer. I take 1 look at ur discord, all I see is your members posting pics of Vengeance members. You're literally the most sneaky guy I've ever met on a fucking videogame. Literally a snake.
  8. Lmfao shut up socially awkward degenerate, ur a fcking trial in a dead clan imagine lmfao
  9. No suprise there, their leadership changes every 2 weeks😂😂 demoralized
  10. Lol thats why ur clan ran into multiple clumps and had to relog 5x because u were outpositioned and getting cleared. Ur leader just died for zgs btw LOL
  11. They might wanna introduce some tank tests aswel, if you look at the loot tracker killpics, res members dying with 10 anglers and 3 brews +3 pnecks left😂😂
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