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  1. wolffff

    Somalis Tuesday Rev Caves

    Is this the guy, who still hasn't responded to me? stop trashtalking kiddo, your a nobody. Too afraid to brid me 250m, hit me up anytime brotherman. (we all know you wont)
  2. wolffff

    Vengeance Sunday Night Insomniacs

    bank loot once again unstoppable these days
  3. wolffff

    Veng Night Out Ft. Carnage + LOOT

    ez schmoke made 10m in singles alone
  4. wolffff

    Resurgence's Wednesday Pt. 2 Ft. Veng in Singles

    Hahagagaga these fucking resurgence whales faking kills now, Id literally assrape every single brid from your clan. Besides, some of these are in multi. And then still we have about 25 clips of us raping your members in avalon/resurgence in singles
  5. #1 med/zerk/tank clan in osrs #freeschmoke
  6. wolffff

    Resurgence Claiming the #1 Spot Ft. Vengeance

    Imagine faking an ending pic in a world with no red dots >.<
  7. L0L coming from VR get cleared spastic
  8. Stick to your dead team retard, try not to get cleared by zerks lmfao hick
  9. Veng on my chest #ganggang