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  1. wtf happen 2 foe after i retire monir!? they let weird niggas like this in now? smh..
  2. this dude is weird as fuck he types like he's some ghetto hoodrat but sounds like the "last call for red boots, world 9" guy
  3. Imagine signing your name at the end of a sharkbrew post. What a fucking faggot LMFAO!!
  4. Not surprised. It's certainly the most toxic discord I've ever had the displeasure of being in especially considering one of the aforementioned people I reported was a rot hall monitor spamming scat/gore porn along with rot discord link on other discords. 😬😬
  5. Let's not forget that veng are minions to lilguy clan apex and always come when they're called like good dogs 🤣😂

  6. Boy do you know how many discord accounts I've reported for the WORST sort of shit and they're all still running around doing it? You're a fucking snowflake beta.
  7. Pretty sure it's been back and forth for years with no clan having any sort of clear advantage over the other. Very cringe-worthy topic. P.S. your rat dog is ugly af.
  8. #BuildTheWall Go away mexican.
  9. They said warrers.. not "take your scim out and left click something"ers.
  10. How are you going to call somebody else an idiot while you try and play a game like this:
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