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  1. Tyga

    Which Clan?

    I don’t want to be bias.....but it’s Foe
  2. Tyga

    cwa Supremacy Vs. Fatality F2p 35v35 [3-0]

    Gz mighty tigers
  3. Tryna figure out how a clan can talk shit when you force them to go to clw on a weekend lmao
  4. We kill your clan every week
  5. Tyga

    whats up!

    If this is the real void then hey!
  6. Tyga

    Apex vs fo | 18v18 Big Mini 4-1 [easy]

    How did it backfired when it’s the truth lmao? They actually ask members if they want to mini. A person from a different clan gone tell me what goes on in my clan’s ts 😂😂 Lastly, whenever I’m on ts (which is hardly) I get asked, but I refuse considering I don’t mini no more. I only come to pk trips because of my work schedule. You played yourself.
  7. Tyga

    Apex vs fo | 18v18 Big Mini 4-1 [easy]

    You do know Foe lets anyone mini right?