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  1. duno how I feel about banning cape counter but those retarded main clans rev and af got chain banned for using a private client and they're all crying so gg morons
  2. was a decent kill but watching the admins like @slushpuppyget salty about it made it hilarious
  3. where do they find people like this how are they so clueless in 2019
  4. Isn't foe the clan where the leader gets bullied by his own members and pull 30 to weekend trips for f2p inners
  5. fo dogs paid 20m to this clan and have lost 4 craw bows this month
  6. all you foe guys have nobody to blame but yourselves, you bit off more than you could chew and it's showing there's a reason every clan in the main scene is friendly with rot, they don't stop crashing clans until they close and even then they've been known to hunt down individuals when they join new clans instead of trying to suck us all off to help you go join another clan if you're really that unhappy with the way things are. It's just a game after all.
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